Mizzou vs. Illinois Dual Recap

Produced by: Sean Mael
MissouriWrestling.com Content Producer
November 6, 2017

#17 Travis Piotrowski ILL SV1 dec 5-1 Barlow McGhee Mizz
(ILL 3-0)

McGhee wrestled well from bottom in this match and showed more urgency on his feet than he did most of last season. Piotrowski’s length provided some obstacles for McGhee in neutral, as he was just not quite able to finish on multiple attempts. This was not a bad loss for McGhee and he looks poised to have a decent if possibly up and down season.

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#9 John Erneste Mizz Dec 5-4 #15 Dylan Duncan ILL
(TIE 3-3)

Erneste came out and created a lot of action on his feet in the first period and looked great. His late TD at the end of the first period was really smart wrestling. Duncan is tough and Erneste seemed to take his foot off the gas offensively after the first period. These guys know each other really well as this was the third time they had wrestled dating back to last year and they had previously split 5-4 matches last season, so familiarity was certainly a factor here. I would have liked to see Erneste get a better ride going here and finish a bit stronger, but it was a really good close win for him over the type of guy he will see R12 or R16 in March to AA.

#4 Jaydin Eierman Mizz Maj. 20-11 Michael Carr ILL
(MIZZ 7-3)

Eierman wrestled well. His creativity with the new back points rules and how he is attacking scramble situations almost paid off with a very unorthodox pin. He has really added muscle over the summer and you can see how much more confident he is in double over situations now. It is always good to see aggressive wrestling and Eierman was extremely fun to watch, but he could have scored takedowns on that guy really easily with simple offense too and not thrown himself on his back for four. Sometimes his sloppiness in those situations will get him into trouble against top notch opposition. Overall Eierman looked awesome for how early in the season it is.

Grant Leeth Mizz Dec 6-2 Eric Barone ILL
(MIZZ 10-3)

Leeth wrestled a very tactical match here. He got to legs easily and controlled position well in neutral. His chain wrestling on his feet was really impressive especially coming right off of his escape. I think he could have scored more here with how easily he got to legs. It was really nice to see Leeth commit to riding some here and actually pick up a riding time point. A very good win over a guy who was a national qualifier last year. I really look forward to watching Leeth progress throughout the season.

#2 Joey Lavallee Mizz Dec 9-3 Kyle Langenderfer ILL
(Mizz 13-3)

Lavallee was extremely heavy on the head throughout the match and you could see him really open up Langenderfer late. Lavallee had great forward pressure throughout the match and he really dominated a talented guy here in Langenderfer. Lavallee was the second tiger wrestler in a row to score a takedown as soon as he got his escape and it was really good to see that motif continue as he broke up what had been a relatively close match. Lavallee looks ready for a great season.

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#2 Isaiah Martinez ILL Tech 24-8 Connor Flynn Mizz
(MIZZ 13-8)

Flynn took several good shots in this match and against other guys he might have been in this one, but Martinez’s pace and power were too much for Flynn here. I liked that Flynn kept trying to wrestle and even tried a desperation throw to try to win this one. Flynn was outmatched here and hopefully experiencing Martinez’s pace will help get his gas tank in better shape for this season, because he gassed out hard in this one. Flynn is still a guy to watch for the Tigers this season.

#5 Daniel Lewis Mizz Maj. 13-2 #20 Xavier Montalvo ILL
(MIZZ 17-8)

Lewis had a sense of urgency in the first period and really got after it. He had a really nice early takedown and a solid set of four nearfall. Lewis let off the gas a bit late and gave up a takedown in the third period that I believe he could have avoided. This was a really dominating win over a ranked guy and showed that the move up in weight should not prove to be a hindrance based on size. Lewis looked like a decent sized 174. If Lewis can get his conditioning in check and wrestle all the way through matches he will be a tough guy to beat this season.

#6 Emery Parker Dec Canten Marriott 6-2
(Mizz 17-11)

Marriott looked really good here. He looks like a decent sized 184, and he wrestled aggressively throughout the match. Marriott was creating angles and taking shots, but he was unable to finish here in this one. Parker is a huge 184 and he pulled away in the third, but this was a match that Canten can certainly build on. It was encouraging to see him looking to score throughout. Marriott is another guy that could have a nice season this year.

#3 Willie Miklus Mizz Dec 3-1 Andre Lee
(Mizz 20-11)

Miklus did not look to be at his best here, but he was aggressive and he found a nice takedown in the first here. Lee wrestled a very tactical match and kept it close. Miklus scrambled well, but just seemed a hair off in this one. I would have liked to seen Miklus put a better ride on here as well. Overall it was good to see Miklus wrestle again and get the W. He should have time to get the kinks out as it is a long season.

Duece Rachal ILL Fall Austin Myers Mizz
(Mizz 20-17)

Myers did not come out aggressive and take shots and he got tossed straight to his back from a suplex. This was not an inspiring start to the season against the Illinois back-up at this weight. That being said it is a long season, so hopefully he comes out with with some fire and wrestles with a chip on his shoulder next time out.

Overall: This was a good dual win for Mizzou. The team seemed to be a little lacking in conditioning, but it is early in the year and that conditioning base will be built over time. Really liked the aggression and the chain wrestling for Missouri. Guys seemed to be scoring with short time and in transitions extremely well. Great wins for Erneste, Leeth, Lavallee, and Lewis here against tough opponents. Should be fun to see the team at the new Missouri Duals concept next week against Missouri Valley, Central Missouri, and Truman State. We should get a look at a lot of the young guys on the roster in a competitive environment.

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