Mizzou vs Illinois Dual: Post match analysis

Produced by: Sean Mael
MissouriWrestling.com Content Producer
November 5, 2018

Overall: This was a really impressive margin of victory for the Tigers. The environment seemed hostile and some guys gritted up and won tough bouts with the crowd heavily against them. Really big NCAA tournament quality wins for Eierman and Elam. Really proud of the team, as they look like they have a lot of potential for positive improvement moving forward. All rankings utilized are courtesy of Flowrestling as per usual.


Colby Smith Tech Fall over Josh Contreras 15-0 (5-0 MIZZ)

Pros: Smith wracked up a ton of points from the top position with devastating efficiency. He looked really composed out their for his first dual and handled an overmatched opponent. The weight cut did not seem to be an issue, as he was taking shots late into the bout. Really strong effort from Smith here. Had a nice low single that he good go to very consistently and looked massive for a 125.

Cons: It really took awhile for Smith to get to his offense, as he had a long feeling out period early. He allowed a stall call in the first and let the period end scoreless. He is too talented not to separate more from neutral early here. Seemed to pace himself a bit here, but I expect his gas tank to improve as the season does. Overall a really solid first effort. Smith has a big bout against #17 Michael McGhee of ODU next on his docket, which should show us where he is at more concretely.


#10 John Erneste Major Decision over Abdullah Assaf 13-0 (9-0 MIZZ)

Pros: Erneste really came out and set a tempo here early as he came out and got a great early takedown with some solid chain wrestling. He proceeded to wrestle a really composed match.

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