Mizzou vs. Buffalo Dual Preview

Produced by: Sean Mael
MissouriWrestling.com Content Producer
January 10, 2018

Barlow McGhee (11-5) vs. Kyle Akins (11-6)
Thoughts: McGhee has looked a bit off his game lately. He needs to attack consistently throughout matches and not be content to win by one point. It has been biting him late in matches recently. McGhee owns two career victories over Akins from the 2016 season. Akins was an NCAA qualifier last season and is very comparable to McGhee as far as season resumes go. Akins is lanky and is tough from the top position, but he struggles against faster guys on his feet. This is a good match-up for McGhee, as his clean finishes neutralize Akins scrambles. This would be a pivotal win for McGhee for MAC tournament seeding and further bolster his AQ bid for nationals if he can get it. I will take McGhee to get a big confidence boosting win here.
Prediction: McGhee Dec. 6-4 (MIZZ 3-0)

#11 John Erneste (15-1) vs. #13 Bryan Lantry (9-3)
Thoughts: This is the premier match of the dual meet and a rematch of the MAC Finals from last season. Erneste won that match in overtime on a spectacular throw off of Lantry’s attack. Lantry got off to somewhat of a slow start, but has been really hot lately. Lantry is a good leg attacker who will likely attempt to work from space, while Erneste is very comfortable with guys on his legs and will be looking for his russian tie to neutralize Lantry’s offense.

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