Michaela Pomajzl

Hi, I am Michaela Pomajzl

michaelaI am a Marketing and Communications student at Central Methodist University. I will graduate in December 2017. My alma mater is Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia, MO where I was raised.

My little brother, Blake Pomajzl, began wrestling when he was 4 years old, and my dad, Mike Pomajzl, has been coaching him since the beginning. Wrestling is basically a part of my DNA. I have always been mat side cheering on my brother and “helping” my dad coach. In high school I was the manager of the wrestling team, and I took that title seriously (probably too seriously). As a manager, coach’s kid, and wrestler’s sister, I have met a multitude of coaches and wrestlers from around the state. Most of them know me as Mike’s daughter or Blake’s sister, and it’s okay; I gladly answer to both.

My goal as a missouriwrestling.com writer is to put Central Missouri wrestlers in the spotlight now and then. A lot of times focus stays on wrestlers of the big schools or big cities, and I’d like to shine light on the key wrestlers of good ‘ol Mid-MO.

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