MA! Where are my Cheezits?

J’den fought through some amazing matches to get to the semi’s.  He was getting his rhythm in the second period, only he thought he was ahead on criteria. Lack of experience? Unable to hear his coaches? Unable to decipher the words in the crowd? All of the above? What I know is that when it was over, he locked eyes with his brother Drae, who told him he didn’t win – he didn’t have criteria.

There’s no sense in lamenting over what could have been, what should have been, what who should have done, said or known. It’s over, and J’den has a Bronze medal to win very soon! So Couch Coaches – chill out! My kid’s an Olympian!

But he’s more than that! Clearing the arena, I hear my son’s voice, “MA! Where are my Cheezits?” He wasn’t happy I didn’t bring them in. I told him how proud I was of him. He smiled that little boy grin. He’s still having fun. That’s what matters!

We’re smiling. He’s smiling. And we’re all together in Rio. It’s a good day – and God reigns!

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