J’den Cox: World Champ

Congrats to Missourian, J'den Cox, on his world championship!

October 23, 2018

Columbia Hickman and Mizzou grad, J’den Cox, wins the World Championship. Cox defeated 2010 World Military silver medalist Ivan Yankouski of Belarus, 4-1, to win his first world title and give the U.S. its third gold medal of the 2018 World Wrestling Championships on Monday in Budapest, Hungary.

Yankouski was placed on the shot clock right off the bat and Cox earned the first point. The score was 1-0 going at the break with Yankouski on the shot clock. Yankouski couldn’t scor again to give Cox a 2-0 lead.

Late in the match Cox got a caution for fleeing which closed the gap to 1 point, but Cox scored a takedown to ensure the victory.

Cox’s semifinals match was against 2015 World Bronze medalist Alireza Karimimachiani of Iran, defeating Karimimachiani 5-2.

Cox also beat Georgia’s Dato Marsagishvili, 6-2, and Moldova’s Nicolai Ceban, 6-0.