Girls District 3 Preview

This weekend will be the first step for the women in the state to capture a state title in the women’s division in the inaugural season.

Unlike the men’s division there is only currently one class that is split into four different districts.

The top 3 wrestlers in the district will move on to the state tournament that will be held during the regular state tournament.

Lebanon is the #2 ranked team in the state and has the most ranked wrestlers in this district with 7. 

The 106-pound weight class is headlined by 2 ranked wrestlers and an honorable mention. The freshman #4 Ashlyn Eli of Nixa is the favorite but will have to get past #6 freshman Shelby Patterson of Raymore Peculiar and HM freshman Taylor Mustain of Camdenton.

At 110 pounds, the only ranked wrestler is #6 Emily Young of Lebanon. She will have to win the title to help her team secure the first district title.

The next weight is one of the deepest in the tournament. There is three of the top six wrestlers plus an honorable mention at 116 pounds. The top two wrestlers in the state will face off against each other should they reach the finals. Junior #1 Lizzie Miller of Buffalo will be looking to secure her spot at the top against junior #2 Justice Seely of Waynesville and junior #4 Ashlyn Loechner of Lebanon. Honorable mention freshman Melaina Beachner of Harrisonville will be trying to make a name for herself.

Two honorable mention wrestlers will be taking on each other for the district title at 121-pounds and the tickets to the state tournament. Senior Rebekah Neitzey of Lee’s Summit North and sophomore Jadelyn Woolery of Tipton are the top two.

Harrisonville’s Nonnie Justice is a sophomore and ranked #1 in the state will have to fend off attacks from #6 sophomore Alana Douglas of Osage and honorable mention freshman Kaylynn Rogers of Lebanon to win the gold at 126 pounds.

The #1 ranked junior Abbey Cordia of Osage is looking to take the title at 131 pounds and head to state to capture a state title. She will have to overcome honorable mention freshman Quincy Glendenning of Lebanon.

At the 136-pound weight class freshman #4 Lotus Van Dyk of Nevada is the top ranked wrestler in this group but is followed closely by freshman #5 Dream Cunningham of Lebanon who is going to be trying climb in the rankings before state.

Another deep class is at 143 pounds, it is headlined by the junior #2 Jazzmine Seely of Waynesville. She will be the favorite but followed closely by #4 sophomore Kali Butts of Smith-Cotton. They will both have to get past honorable mention and freshman Skyler Maverick of Buffalo.

Willard will have #2 senior Gracie Lawhon as the top ranked wrestler at 152-pound class, however, she will be faced with competition from #4 sophomore Erin Bohmont of Branson. Honorable mention freshman Darby Neely of Lebanon will also be in the mix for a district title.

The 167-pound weight class will feature #4 freshman Ava Miller of Truman who is the only ranked wrestler at the weight will be the favorite, but she will receive challenge from honorable mention freshman Talora Frisbee of Lebanon.

At 187 pounds, there is only one ranked wrestler and that is #6 sophomore Kyla Cornine of Tipton. She will have to navigate through the field to take home the district title.

The last weight will have two ranked wrestlers and an honorable mention in contention for the district title. Junior #3 Alana May of Versailles will be the favorite but is followed by senior #6 Joanna Grim of Marshfield and honorable mention sophomore Honnolee Hunt of Buffalo.