Girls District 1 Preview

The top ranked wrestler at 143 pounds is junior #1 Emma Cole of Lafayette (Wildwood), she is looking to win the gold against sophomore #3 Hannah O’Connor of Rolla and senior #6 Seattle Bowen of Pacific. This is a weight that could showcase medal matches at the state tournament.

January 30, 2019

This weekend will be the first step for the women in the state to capture a state title in the women’s division in the inaugural season.

Unlike the men’s division there is only currently one class that is split into four different districts.

The top 3 wrestlers in the district will move on to the state tournament that will be held during the regular state tournament. District 1 has the #1 ranked team in the state with Lafayette (Wildwood and five of the top ranked women in the state.

At 103-pound class there are 2 women ranked in the top six, as well as, an honorable mention. #1 Faith Cole is a freshman from Lafayette (Wildwood) and is the favorite at this weight and the state tournament. The #3 ranked Hailie Terry of Fox, a senior, will look to knock off Cole and take the top spot before state. Honorable Mention Karlee LaChance of Central (Park Hills) will be in the mix, as well.

The 110-pound class will feature three of the top five wrestlers in what should be a tightly contested weight class. The favorite is #2 Kaylynn Crocker of St. James who is a junior. She will be challenged by sophomore #3 Reilly Baughman of Windsor (Imperial) and by sophomore #5 Mia Reed of Washington.

The next weight is one of the shallower weights in the district. The favorite will be junior Lillian Wallis of Rockwood Summit an honorable mention at 116 pounds. Even though this is a light weight class it will give a chance for other women to break into the state tournament and vie for a state title.

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