Get to know: University of Ozarks – Powers Its Way Past St. Olaf

January 13, 2017

Northfield, Minnesota-The men’s wrestling team powered its way to a 33-16 win over St. Olaf College behind a number of dominating individual matches Tuesday night in Northfield, Minnesota.

Under first year head coach LeRoy Gardner, Ozarks had its way against fellow NCAA III opponent St. Olaf throughout the match. Cory Muniz, Devon Jackson, Ny’Trell Dean, Mario Vasquez, Jacob Sherrill, Joey Schenck and Jesus Perez all posted wins on the mat.

125 Corey Muniz (Ozarks) over Lucas Womack (St. Olaf) (Dec 8-7) 0 3

133 Devon Jackson (Ozarks) over Luke Wallace (St. Olaf) (Fall 4:21) 0 6

141 Ny`Trell Dean (Ozarks) over Unknown (For.) 0 6

149 Mario Vasquez (Ozarks) over Collin LaBrosse (St. Olaf) (Dec 9-6) 0 3

157 Mike Matheson (St. Olaf) over Nicholas McDaniel (Ozarks) (MD 8-0) 4 0

165 Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) over Bryant Ridgway (St. Olaf) (Fall 3:29) 0 6

174 Joey Schenck (Ozarks) over Benjamin Keillor (St. Olaf) (Dec 14-7) 0 3

184 Jesus Perez (Ozarks) over Unknown (For.) 0 6

197 Sebastian Hyta (St. Olaf) over Montre Blade (Ozarks) (Fall 3:51) 6 0

285 Troy Beaman (St. Olaf) over Jameer Anderson (Ozarks) (Fall 0:25) 6 0

Team Score: 16 33

Ozarks will travel to Montgomery, Alabama, to face Huntingdon College January 21.

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