Get Recruited

There are so many scenarios that take place when a wrestler decides to wrestle in college. Is the program a good fit? Does the school offer my degree? How do I get a scholarship?

I get asked weekly by college coaches, at all levels, looking for the best wrestlers in Missouri. Most the time I can point them in the right direction, but I wanted to develop a section where wrestlers can sign up, for free, to showcase themselves to all levels of college.

In the next few weeks, I’ll launch the first phase of the recruiting section on that will feature wrestler bios. Wrestlers can sign up and enter their own information, grades, accomplishments and what kind of college they want to attend for coaches and everyone to see.

If you are interested in signing up, for free, and want to get notified when this is available, please enter your name and email in the form below and I will personally email you when it’s launched.