Dominique Hampton

September 15, 2017
Dominique Hampton
Dominique Hampton

Dominique Hampton is a freshman wrestler at the University of Central Missouri. Dominique graduated from Raytown Senior High School in Raytown, Mo. Dominique was four year letter winner. In his senior season he was a state champion at 220 lbs – Raytown High School’s first state champ in over four decades, First Team All-State, a district champion, First Team All-Conference, and district wrestler of the year. Hampton also competed in football and track. Dominique is majoring in exercise science and is the son of Marvin and Latisia Hampton.

1. What’s the best part been about college so far?
The best part about college so far is that we have more spare time throughout the day. Instead of crunching to do homework in the evening (after 7 hours of school and another 2 ½ hours of practice), you’re able to distribute the work across the day. Say you have an hour break until your next class, that’s time when you can get your homework done and out of the way. This also gives you more time to study and if you stay on top of it, you can even get a little bit ahead.

2. What’s the biggest adjustment so far for college wrestling?
One adjustment for me personally is mat work, top and bottom. You must have a totally different mindset then what you had in high school. It is a dogfight in both positions. But the biggest adjustment for me is that I have a lot to learn from a technical aspect. I started wrestling freshman year of high school, alongside that I played football and did track. Most of the guys at this level have been at it for many more years, competing in freestyle and Greco as well. I had only a few weapons in my arsenal but I had athleticism and was always a hard worker. Fortunately, I had success. That was then, this is now, and it is another level. There’s a lot of things that worked in high school that don’t fly at this level but I’m slowly but surely getting rid of those bad habits. I’ve learned a lot already and I’m always willing to be critiqued and learn more. The coaches here at UCM have done a great job with working with me and fixing my errors and my elder teammates have been a big help in guiding me too. Still have lots more growing to do.

3. How are the workouts so far?
Both the weight room and wrestling workouts have been tougher. It is nice to have a true weight lifting routine and to have coaches there who specifically wants to make you bigger, stronger, and healthier. I’ve definitely gotten stronger since being in college. The wrestling workouts have been great too. The biggest thing I have notice is the level of intensity. It’s generally just higher and faster. The coaches often tell us to pick up the pace throughout practice. Keeping high intensity not only improves your match conditioning but it just makes you an overall tougher wrester. As my coaches say “You know who doesn’t care if you’re hurt or tired? Your opponent.”

4. Favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far is Psychology. The professor is very relatable. He shares is personal stories and experiences with us that are directly related to what he is teaching. Every student feels like they have a connection with him and is makes him seem more “human” for lack of better words. It is great way to get us students engaged and curious to learn more.

5. What do you love about your new “college town”?
What I like about Warrensburg is that it seems to be a pretty peaceful town. I’ve been to a few restaurants in the area. It really isn’t an attraction site with lots do, but it is a good college town, plus Kansas City is only a 50-minute drive.