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Derryan Derrough
Derryan Derrough

Okay, so I was born, I did stuff, and now I’m doing this. I started wrestling in high school and wrestled in college. From there, I got into coaching at the high school level, which I’ve been doing ever since. Just finished my 9th year, actually. I’m pretty good at it (two-time District Assistant Coach of the Year), so that’s reassuring.

I have a wife, a child and a job, but writing is what sets me on fire inside. I love it. I started out RPing (Role Playing), and it blossomed. My first novel is based off my first character.


I’ve been writing different things since then, blogs and stories and whatnot. My forte is action/adventure romance fiction.

Hey…wanna do a quick Q & A?

Favorite Movie to Veg Out To: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Favorite TV Show, Alive or Dead: It’s a tie. Reno 911! or Angel (both deceased)
Coke or Pepsi: Coke. Cherry Coke.
Someone you’d have Dinner with, Alive or Dead: Bruce Lee
Favorite Team(s): Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Food: Something pasta-related
Favorite Writer: Lee Child
Morning person or night owl: I was a night owl until my kid was born, and realized he GETS UP AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY. I am no longer a night owl.
Hardest Thing you’ve Done: Wrestle. It’s not even close.

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