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undefeated this year

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From the STL Post


Matt Lester, Eureka 160 40-0

Nick Lester, Eureka 152 39-0

Ryan Mango, Whitfield 125 36-0

Kyle Bradley, Howell Central 140 35-0

Tim Waltenberger, Windsor 189 34-0

Nathan Downs, Troy 171 31-0

Jake Scott, Lutheran-St. Charles 140 30-0

DeMarco Kemp, University City 285 30-0

Esmond Ford, Affton 130 25-0

Andrew Waites, Herculaneum 285 22-0

Cody Orr, Zumwalt North 112 14-0

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LOL, No way has Justin been beat or has anyone even came close. The only kid to score on Justin this year has been Casey Wiener of Kickapoo and he scored 2 points. Every other point that has been scored on Justin is because Justin allowed it.

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Please clarifiy....


I was always under the assumption that if there was a person scheduled to be in a slot and they didn't wrestle for whatever reason (ie: medical forfeit, afraid of competition, left for another event, etc,) that this WOULD count toward your record as a "legitimate" win by fofeit.


If there is NOT a body in that slot, then it becomes a "BYE" and does NOT count toward the wrestler's win record.


The team still gets points per se for that vacancy, but the individual wrestler does NOT get credit for that "BYE."


Please correct me if i have been wrong all these years.

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