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Knockout Christmas Classic in Kissimmee, FL Dec. 27-28, 2021

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I want to invite your team to our 2021 Knockout Christmas Classic on Dec. 27-28, 2021 down in Kissimmee, Florida. 


We just finished up our 2020 tournament.  Great event, ran smooth, lots of good matches.  This was the first year at the 8k-seat Silver Spurs Arena and our first year running the KNOCKOUT GIRLS and KNOCKOUT KIDS events. 


Here is a rundown of the high school finals. 


106 – Anderson Heap (Osceola) over Tyler Washburn (Palmetto Ridge, State 5th)

113 – Nick Corday (Baylor, TOM No. 7) over Jake Crapps (Cass)

120 – Cole Hunt (Cass, GFC 2nd) over Cooper Haase (Osceola, State 1st)

126 – Braden Basile (Tampa Jesuit, State 1st) over Andrew Austin (Charlotte, State 1st)

132 – Brennan Van Hoecke (Palmetto Ridge, Flo No. 17) over Sebastian Melguizo (Southwest, State 1st)

138 – Tom Crook (Tampa Jesuit, Flo No. 8) over Jaekus Hines (Osceola, State 1st)

145 – Jack Crook (Tampa Jesuit, Flo No. 19) over Michael Kilic (Woodward, Track No. 7)

152 – Caleb Henson (Woodland, Track No. 3) over Darian Estevez (Somerset, State 2nd)

160 – Cole Cochran (Woodland, GFC 7th) over Lucas Willis (Charlotte, State 1st)

170 – Matthew Singleton (Woodward, Flo No. 4) over Dylan Kohn (Master’s Academy, GFC 3rd)

182 – Sawyer Bartelt (South Dade, State 2nd) over Ethan Lopez (Hagerty, State 4th)

195 – Jaxon Smith (Woodland, Flo No. 10) over David Harper (Baylor, TOM No. 3)

220 – Harley Andrews (Tuttle, Flo No. 10) over Dedric Marshall (Southridge, State 4th)

285 – Chase Horne (West Laurens, Flo No. 2) over Marvin Collins (Winter Springs, State 3rd)


Tuttle, Oklahoma took home the team title followed by Baylor, Tennessee, Woodland, Georgia, and Tampa Jesuit, Florida.  The tournament ran on 11 mats and was broadcast live on trackwrestling. 


Here is a link to the trackwrestling preview. 




We are starting to lineup teams for our 2021 tournament.  We will, once again, be at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee.  We will also be doing our KNOCKOUT GIRLS and KNOCKOUT KIDS events again as well. 


Let me know if you want in or have any questions. 






2020 Teams

South Dade - FL 3A State Champs

Southwest-Miami - FL 3A 2nd

Osceola - FL 3A 4th

Hagerty - FL 3A 6th

Manatee - FL 3A 7th

Freedom-Orlando - FL 3A 9th

Tampa Jesuit - FL 2A 2nd

Charlotte - FL 2A 3rd

Golden Gate - FL 2A 9th

Winter Springs - FL 2A 10th


Somerset - FL 1A 2nd

American Heritage - FL 1A 3rd

Jensen Beach - FL 1A 7th

Mater Lakes – FL 1A 9th


Florida High

Woodward, GA - GA 4A State Champs

West Laurens, GA – GA 4A 3rd

Woodland, GA - GA 5A State Champs

Colquitt Co., GA – GA 7A 7th


New for 2020

Tuttle, Oklahoma - OK 4A State Champs

Baylor, Tennessee – TN D2 State Champs

Greeneville, Tennessee - TN 2A 3rd

Richmond Hill, Georgia - GA 6A 3rd

Palmetto Ridge, Florida – FL 2A 4th

Harris County, Georgia - GA 5A 5th

Miami-Southridge, Florida - FL 2A 6th

Vidalia, Georgia – GA 2A 6th

Barron Collier, Florida – FL 2A 7th

Cass, Georgia - GA 5A 7th

Merritt Island, Florida

Dalton, Georgia

Doral, Florida

Christopher Columbus, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Lake Mary, Florida

Timber Creek, Florida

Riverview, Florida

Yulee, Florida

Apopka, Florida

Ocoee, Florida

University Christian, Florida

Mosley, Florida

Masters Academy, Florida

Bartram Trail, Florida

Berkeley Prep, Florida

Lakeway Christian, Tennessee

Riverview-Sarasota, Florida

Freedom-Tampa, Florida

Dr. Phillips, Florida

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Updated team list.  If you’re interested in joining the field, contact me at Donald.cash@osceolaschools.net 


Florida Teams

Somerset – FL 1A 1st

Palm Bay – FL 1A 2nd

American Heritage – FL 1A 3rd

Jensen Beach – FL 1A 4th

Merritt Island – FL 1A 9th

Clay – FL 1A 10th

First Baptist Academy

Charlotte – FL 2A 1st

Palmetto Ridge – FL 2A 2nd

Lake Gibson – FL 2A 3rd

Jesuit – FL 2A 4th

Winter Springs – FL 2A 5th

Fort Myers – FL 2A 8th

Barron Collier – FL 2A 9th

Southridge – FL 2A 10th


South Dade – FL 3A 1st

Southwest Miami – FL 3A 2nd

Fort Pierce Central – FL 3A 3rd

Osceola – FL 3A 4th

Palm Harbor – FL 3A 5th

Manatee – FL 3A 7th

Hagerty – FL 3A 8th

Columbus – FL 3A 9th



Flagler Palm Coast


National Teams

Mt. Pisgah, Georgia – GA 1A 1st

Jefferson, Georgia – GA 4A 1st

Woodland, Georgia – GA 5A 1st

Buford, Georgia – GA 6A 1st

Eastside, South Carolina – SC 4A 1st

Cass, Georgia – GA 5A 2nd

Thompson, Alabama – AL 7A 2nd

Skyline, Virginia – VA 3A 2nd

North Hall, Georgia – GA 3A 3rd

Woodward, Georgia – GA 5A 3rd

Richmond Hill, Georgia – GA 6A 3rd

Hewitt-Trussville, Alabama – AL 7A 3rd

West Laurens, Georgia – GA 4A 4th

Colquitt Co., Georgia – GA 7A 4th

Harris Co., Georgia – GA 5A 4th

Spain Park, Alabama – AL 7A 4th

Paducah-Tilghman, Kentucky – KY 5th

Lakeway Christian, Tennessee – TN D2 5th

Vidalia, Georgia - GA 2A 6th

Creekview, Georgia – GA 6A 6th

Lowndes, Georgia – GA 7A 6th

Hilton Head, South Carolina – SC 4A 7th

Columbus, Georgia – GA 4A 8th

Musselman, West Virginia – WV 3A 8th (20)

Walton, Georgia – GA 7A 9th

Fountain Valley, California

St. Augustine, New Jersey

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