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GroWrestling 2020/21 Event Schedule

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Prepare Yourself for a Great Year of Wrestling Brought to You by GroWrestling

GroWrestling has been committed to staying busy and organizing during the quarantine.  The event schedule has been locked in through the freestyle/greco season in 2021.  Please join us at our events.  Registration will be available for these events soon.  Each event has a dedicated page with full information on the GroWrestling website.  Here is a brief look at what is coming your way:


KC Super 32 Early Entry

September 12, 2020

North Kansas City High School 

The season is upon you.  Time to shake off the rust and get a competition under your belt. This event is fairly low pressure and fun but the top 4 in the high school division will also earn the opportunity to register early for the monster that is the Super 32 Challenge, held in Greensboro.  The Super 32 Challenge always fills to capacity within hours of open registration so having the opportunity to register early is invaluable.  Whether you plan on competing in Greensboro or not, this event will give you an idea of where you are at during the preseason. Divisions include elementary 1 and 2, middle school, high school boys and high school girls.


Fall Brawl

October 3, 2020

HY VEE Arena - Kansas City, MO

A serious step up in competition in this preseason event.  The Fall Brawl pulls from over 10 states and provides tough competition in a 1 day event.  You will understand where you sit after completing this event and will likely run into a nationally ranked opponent.  For many, it is a prep event for the Super 32, but do not take this one lightly.  New to the event this year will be an adjustment in the girls' portion of the Fall Brawl.  After collaboration with clubs and coaches, the girls will move to a k-12 dual team tournament.  Get out there and try to win your Fall Brawl mask.  Divisions include elementary 1 and 2, middle school, girls (k-12 duals) and high school.


KC Stampede

December 18-19, 2020

HY VEE Arena - Kansas City MO.

This premier invitational event has grown into a national power tournament over the last 15 years.  If you take home an award here, you are a force to be reckoned with.  With weight classes laced with state champions and nationally ranked opponents, you will get your crack at the best and have opportunity to move up in the National rankings.  With the unique format provided in the boys' division, the tournament is suited to fit the needs of all levels of wrestler. The girls' portion of the event is now in its 3rd year and is sharpening as many states now include girls' wrestling as a sanctioned sport.  Stay tuned as the 2020 event will likely include a JV division on the bottom floor of HY VEE arena.  Schools will have the opportunity to bring all 3 teams to the tournament to compete under 1 roof.  It will be a wrestling extravaganza.  For more info or to request to enter the tournament, reach out to joe@growrestling.org.


All Valley Championship

January 23, 2021

HY VEE Arena - Kansas City MO.

Say hello to GroWrestling’s newest event.  Test yourself in an all-youth event that will provide competition from many states.  This arena event will allow all wrestlers to compete on full mats for the entire tournament and give an experience not typically felt at a youth event.  Coming at you during midseason, this tournament will fit well in a progression to prepare for your state tournament.  If you are just getting your wrestling legs under you, check out the rookie division and get some quality mat time.


KC Metro Classic

March 9, 2021

Kansas City Kansas Community College

We love our Metro area seniors.  We also love a good rivalry.  The Metro classic is a dual between all star seniors from Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City area wrestlers.  Teams are carefully chosen by team leaders from an area packed with power.  On top of great wrestling, the energy felt during this dual is outstanding.  Bring the kids and give them something to shoot for to cap off their high school careers.


Black and Blue Freestyle

March 27, 2021

Olathe West HS

FREESTYLE IS HERE!!  Here is an opportunity for an early freestyle season event to help transition you to the Olympic styles.  Black and Blue provides a fun, low pressure atmosphere in which you get some quality mat time without spending your entire day in a gym.  Hope your ribs are ready.  Divisions include kids 1, kids 2, high school girls, and high school boys.


Fight of Flight Freestyle and Greco

April 17, 2021

HY VEE Arena - Kansas City MO.

As GroWrestling’s premier Olympic styles event, this monster will prepare you for your run at Fargo, should you choose to go.  In a single day, you will get your crack at both greco, which starts the day, and freestyle, which runs directly after.  You will see clubs and teams from a wide range of states.  The addition of an open division will be included for the first time at Fight or Flight in 2021.  Divisions include kids 1, kids 2, cadet boys, junior boys, high school girls, open men's and open women’s.


Ultimate Freestyle Championships

April 24, 2021

Blue Springs High School

Similar to Black and Blue, let's have some fun, get in some matches, and be out of the gym in time to have some Saturday left.  This event will give you another look before heading to freestyle state and Fargo.  Did someone say Chick-Fil-A? Yup, they will be on site to make sure you don’t go hungry.  Divisions include kids 1, kids 2, cadet boys, junior boys, and high school girls.


Hope to see you at some events.  We can’t wait to get back on the mat.  Be sure to check out and follow GroWrestling on Facebook and instagram, and subscribe to the GroWrestling YouTube channel for some awesome content.  For more information, check out the updated GroWrestling website or email joe@growrestling.org.  LET'S ROLL!!

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