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I haven't seen it verified in any official announcement yet, but just heard that Truman State is dropping wrestling and men's tennis. 

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Part social media influencer, part marketing guru and full on fatty with an insatiable appetite.
Kasim it's like awesome but with a K foodstagrammer, food stylist & marketing guru
Part social media influencer, part marketing guru and full on fatty with an insatiable appetite.

This really is sad! As a fan of wrestling it hurts when any wrestling program gets cut no matter what division. I'm really bummed for the Truman State wrestlers and coaches

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TSU Wrestling has Life!


Make All Checks out to Truman State University Wrestling


Send donations to:
Truman State University Wrestling
C/O – Wrestling Office PB 307
David Schutter , Head Wrestling Coach

Or..if you prefer ( Cause You have no trust in Athletics Department  )

David E. Schutter
2500 State Route P
Kirksville, MO 63501


To:       Truman State Wrestling Alumni and Fans of Wrestling in State of Missouri
Fr:        Dave Schutter, Wrestling Coach
Re:       Future of Truman State Wrestling

As most of you are aware, the Truman State administration announced several weeks ago that they will discontinue men’s wrestling and tennis at the completion of the 2017/18 year.  I have subsequently been able to meet with the president who has agreed to allow the team to compete  one more year with the caveat that we can raise $75,000 by October 2018.  Further, she has also agreed to allowing our team to compete after the 2018/19 year if we can raise an endowment by March 2019, that can make Truman Wrestling Self-Sufficient. As you can imagine, I am so disappointed in the way this decision was made. The university administrators are supposed to be stewards of the university on behalf of the alumni, students, and faculty.  With this in mind, how does a decision like this be made without ANY transparency, collaboration, and inclusion with the key stakeholders?  

In tandem with this decision, I have been in contact with Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA).  Mike Moyer has been very successful over the past 19 years with establishing new college teams (he’s added 197 new teams since 2000) as well as saving threatened college teams.   Mike is communicating with several lobbyists, lawyers, Truman State student government, and prominent politicians to develop a viable strategy to keep our wrestling program going.  As Mike is developing a viable strategy, he needs to know how much in donations we can count on from Truman State alumni and friends for each of the next five years to support the wrestling program?  Ideally, it would be terrific if could raise $100,000 per year for each of the next five years but I’m not sure that is feasible given our alumni base. It will take more than just are current TSU Wrestling Alumni & Friends base to get this accomplished.

To be clear, we need solid five year pledges at this point as opposed to actual donations. Then Mike Moyer can successfully negotiate a partnership with the administration, then we would need to actually collect the donations.  In reality, the administration should meet the alumni half way ($50k each).  Please respond promptly to this email with a solid five year pledge so we can enter into good faith negotiations with the Truman University administrators. Please e-mail or pledges to David Schutter, Wrestling Coach.


Thank you for your prompt consideration of this request and please call me if you need to discuss this in more detail. 

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