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coaching 8th graders

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Can coaches now help run a intramural program at the middle schools that are within the district? I was reading on MSHSAA the following election results.

1. Access to students enrolled in a school district or school system and Undue Influence


All Member Schools.




Background: Extensive discussions have been held, primarily in the St. Louis area, concerning junior football programs and the relationship that such programs may have with the high schools. The St. Louis Board District is the only area in the state of Missouri where the vast majority of middle schools and junior highs are not members of MSHSAA and do not sponsor any interscholastic athletic programs. As a result, community groups, booster clubs, and interested football fans and parents organize junior football programs, many times in the image of a high school program – using the name, mascot, football system of the high school at which many, if not all, of the students will attend. These programs, which include eighth graders, are non-school programs and as such, high school coaches are restricted from instructional contact with these students. St. Louis schools are asking if there is a way for their coaches to have more contact with these students and programs if the students are enrolled at a middle school or junior high school within their district. As a first step in addressing the issues caused by these junior programs, the membership is being asked to consider the undue influence language.


By-Law 2.6.1 Undue Influence: "To maintain a proper relationship between the academic purposes of schools and their interscholastic activities programs, all members of the Missouri State High School Activities Association must refrain from recruitment, inducement or other forms of persuasion and undue influence which would encourage a student to enroll in a school primarily for interscholastic activities purposes."


By-Law 2.6.3.g. "The contacting of a student(s) in another school by any person or group connected, directly or indirectly, with a member school (including but not limited to alumni associations, booster groups or similar organizations), and attempting to persuade or induce that student(s), primarily for interscholastic activities purposes, to attend the inducer‘s school."


Proposed New #1 under 2.6.3-g: "Exception: Persuasion or encouragement of a student to attend a particular high school is not undue influence if that student lives within the residence boundaries (3.10.1.d) of that high school and is enrolled and attending the lower school (elementary or middle/junior) managed and funded by that high school’s district or system and which feeds directly to that high school."


Would you support adding an exception to the language describing undue influence to allow high school coaches to encourage students who live within their high school’s boundaries and already attend a feeder school to come to that high school for interscholastic activity purposes?











Question Option













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Would this apply to 8th graders voluntarily working out with their in-district wrestling team?


the high school team? yes thats a violation...8th graders can not work out in the high school room unless there is a clear and defined seperate coaching staff even then that might be pushing it

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the high school team? yes thats a violation...8th graders can not work out in the high school room unless there is a clear and defined seperate coaching staff even then that might be pushing it


Would the new rule allow 8th graders to work out in the high school room?

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