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Click here for Downloadable/Printable Registration Form






Our coach presents a comprehensive curriculum including fundamentals, specific techniques and conditioning.



Our coaching staff is led by Brian Jackson—Mo. Nationals Team Coach---Head Wrestling Coach Missouri Baptist University and consists of other experienced coaches. Guest Clinicians that have guaranteed their assistance are Dan Lovelace (MICDS), Spenser Mango (USOEC), Kevin Herron (MU), and Peter Miller (Stanford).



Pre-registration – Wednesday and Thursday March 8th & 9th. 5:45 to 7:00pm at Westminster’s campus off Maryville exit on Hwy40/I64 on South side of highway. - Thereafter, registration will be available during practice beginning March 14th - up to a maximum of 100 wrestlers.


WHAT TO BRING TO REGISTRATION: No Exceptions and No One will be allowed to practice until all requirements are met. Registration will be limited to the first 100 wrestlers. No Copy Machine available.

→ Cash or check (payable to SWC)

→ Completed & signed SWC registration form and USA wrestling waiver form

→ Copy of your insurance card and birth certificate

→ Name and phone number of your physician and dentist



$160: Includes: 2 practice nights through July 19, 2005 (Nationals), and the USA card. We anticipate that financial support will be available for wrestlers who qualify for the National Team.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE – 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Tuesday/Thursday March 8th thru Tuesday July 19th at Westminster’s campus off Maryville exit on Hwy40/I64 on South side of highway.


Brian K. JACKSON (314)744-5317 or (314)-307-0759 or email at jackson@mobap.edu


Click here for Downloadable/Printable Registration Form




“Coach Jackson will give you the technical edge you need to be a winner. His vast knowledge of wrestling makes him one of the most elite coaches I have had a chance to work with, and has helped my wrestling reach new levels.â€

- Bobby Conn

- 3x MO State Finalist 2x Champ

- University of Missouri Columbia


“I have known Brian Jackson through wrestling for almost 20 years, and have seen his vast knowledge of all styles of wrestling. Brian has coached many great freestyle wrestlers from our state and has been instrumental in the development of our area wrestlers. Brian is a great asset to wrestling in the state of Missouri at all Levels.â€

- Mark Krause Head Wrestling Coach Farmington High School

- 2x Mo Team State Champions

- Mo Coach of the Year


“Of the countless people involved with this sport that I have met during my time on the mat, few have so overtly expressed a love for wrestling comparable to that which I continually see in Brian whenever he steps on the mat. This passion and devotion to wrestling has led Brian to a proficiency in coaching that I have only seen again in the top coaches in the country. In fact, I attribute much of my success in this sport and where I am today to Brian’s knowledge of wrestling and his brutal honesty, from which I have learned and improved both within and without the sport of wrestling.â€

- Peter Miller

- 3x MO State Champion

- Cadet All-American

- Stanford University


“Brian Jackson has been the backbone of off season wrestling for the state of Missouri in the St. Louis area for many years. Having been a successful coach and wrestler at the national level gives Brian a unique perspective as to what it takes for his athletes to achieve their goals. He is on the cutting edge with his technique and training methods. Brian is a great asset to our national team staff.

- Alan Hull

- Mat Rat Wrestling Club

- Asst. Wrestling Coach CMSU


“I attended Coach Jackson’s training all during high school. It helped me go from first year wrestler to becoming a state champion in 2 years. Without the help of Coach Jackson, I would not be the wrestler I am today.â€

Spenser Mango, Gator Wrestling Club/U.S. Olympic Education Center

- 2x MO State Champion

- 6x All-American

- 2005 Jr. world Team Member



Coaches: Please ask your wrestlers to bring the above requested forms and payment with them to registration. We Will Not have access to a copy machine so they must bring copies of their insurance and birth certificates for us to keep if we don’t have them from last year already. No one will be allowed to practice without all the requirements fulfilled and we will definitely be cutting registration off as soon as we reach the designated quota---we don’t want to leave anyone out but we must take registrations on a first come first served basis.



Click here for Downloadable/Printable Registration Form

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