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  1. So I have demonstrated that the cost would be minimal, the coaching is already in place, its an experiment to see if it works. But you don't want to give it a try. Just be honest, you don't want girls to wrestle. Are you just that narrow minded or what?
  2. So let me get this straight. Lets say there is only seven weight classes starting at 155 lbs. I want to go out buy I only weigh 120. Not only that but there are a bunch of my friends my size who want to be on the high school team as well. We ask if it would be possible to have some lower weight divisions for us smaller guys. Your response would be that since there are so few of us we must continue to compete in the weight classes as provided. We say that if you would create more weight classes we think a ton of little guys would go out. Your response is that you don't build from the top
  3. Look at what happened in California, Texas, Washington, New York, etc. Once girls high school wrestling was added the numbers exploded. Why deny girls the best coaching they can get at the high school level and make them stay in local clubs coached by their dads. Oh, by the way, it is sexist when you deny a person an opportunity based on their body parts.
  4. NCMC4life needs to realize that girls wrestling is growing throughout the entire United States. He probably needs to go to some little league tournaments and see the number of girls who are taking part. To deny them the opportunity to continue in our sport just because they don't have the same amount of testosterone is just wrong. It is very sexist to deny young ladies, which make up 50% of our society, the chance to experience this amazing sport. To address his complaints is really quite easy. We do what Texas does. The teams practice at the same time using the same coaching staff. Th
  5. Let's hope Missouri supports this same idea. It would be an amazing step in the right direction. With all the great things that are learned from our sport it amazes me that anyone who loves our sport would not support the initiative. Why deny 50% of our population such a great learning opportunity.
  6. If you are currently a senior in high school and you want to continue to pursue your dream of wrestling in college please contact either Wentworth Military Academy and College and apply or contact Don Schreimann at schreimann19@live.com. Wentworth is a private school which requires you to wear a uniform much like any other private school requires a uniform. The difference is that you can elect to take part in ROTC if you so choose. Either way you will be coached by Don Schreimann and his son Dan. Don has been the Missouri USA Girls Coach for about the last nine years. During that time Mis
  7. I am the Missouri USA Girls Coordinator. I am not representing the entire state of Missouri trying to get girls high school wrestling installed. That is just something I would like to see. In the area of getting girls to go to Fargo, last year we took five girls. Thus far, it appears we will be taking eight to ten. I nominate cementMixer to be the contact person for getting people organized to get girls high school wrestling through MSHSAA. That way I can focus on getting girls ready for Fargo.
  8. How about you read Jonathan's posts about the results being prepared by Miki, and sending him an email if you want more information on his survey. In the alternative you can just take pot shots at me. Have a great day or not, the choice is yours.
  9. Cement Mixer doesn't like my quote from the best movie of all time. What if we, as a country, didn't believe that you must risk to receive. Henry Ford would never have started building cars. There wouldn't be a beautiful hospital for children in Memphis. Here's a thought, if you aren't willing to help build it, don't condemn others who are trying to build a future for females in the great sport of wrestling.
  10. Johnathan Bowen sent a survey to all of the wrestling coaches in the state. He has the results
  11. Contact members of the wrestling advisory committee for MSHSAA. Here is my idea about how to get things started. Most schools today have two mats so it would be really easy to put them both down for dual meets. JV on one, girls on the other. Then the varsity on one. Or if its a large school, girls on one, ninth grade on one, then JV and Varsity on the other. Only have about eight weight classes at first so there isn't as great a likelihood of forfeits.
  12. Interesting information from USA wrestling. In 1994, there were 804 female wrestlers in high school. Today there are 9,904.
  13. NCMC you have no idea what has already been done. Surveys have been sent and returned. Phone conversations, etc. It is always easy to point fingers without doing anything but criticize. Jonathan Bowen has all of the results.
  14. Wow! Love the backward thinking. Let's keep doing our best to keep girls from experiencing the greatest sport of all time. Maybe people in Missouri should check out what is going on in California, Texas, Alaska, New York, etc.
  15. We had 119 girls who basically have to wrestle boys in practice, put up with some coaches who really don't want them in the room, parents who don't like the idea of girls and boys wrestling. Despite all that the sport is growing. Imagine if we had a bunch of opportunities for our girls to practice with other girls and to wrestle in girls duals and tournaments. "If you build it, they will come."
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