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  1. I have a feeling we will have more than 3 AA next year.
  2. If I’m reading the results correctly, looks like a great showing by Mizzou wrestlers. O’Toole, R Elam and Hawks champions, Josh Edmond taking 3rd and Surtain 7th. Hopefully I didn’t miss any others.
  3. I agree, figured it related to things along those lines.
  4. Seems like a smaller class compared to other years.
  5. Again? Committed to UNC, spent a year or less in Minnesota. Transfered to SIUE, and now in the move again. Crazy, hope he finds a place and gets back in the mat. Maybe D2 or NAIA.
  6. We knew the recruiting class was good on paper, they proved it in real life. Question about next year. I heard rumors O’Toole was 165 and Mocco at 174 to make room for Jacques who was getting beat by both in the room. Not sure how true, but if it was/is, how does that affect the lineup next year?
  7. Still, I’d rather take my chances of tying it from bottom. Besides, let’s be honest Schmidt took only 1 legit shot the whole period.
  8. Why did Schmidt choose Neutral in the 3rd down 1-0? I’m sure the coaches know more than I do, but taking bottom seemed to be the right choice.
  9. I saw that also. It has Miz finishing in 3rd with 2-3 losing in blood round if it’s the same one.
  10. When will they be posted on Track and has the formula been announced?
  11. Bold is National Champ, what are the asterisks?
  12. Is Terrel Wilbourn the only 3x AA? 3,2,1 and an NJCAA Championship is a great career.
  13. I’m not sure what class for recruiting purposes, but I see Mizzou got a Top 20 recruit that was going to ODU before it was dropped. Steven Kolcheff from Michigan. Heavyweight
  14. I would guess R Elam would RS. O’Toole, possibly as well. Interesting what will happen with Brown and Schmitt battling it out with the other lower weights. Will Jaques or Mauler RS next year? Lots of things could happen.
  15. As I look over the brackets, and I know it’s been a rough year but these draws for everyone except Mauller are terrible. Hopefully we produce some upsets, but how it looks now, Brock will be the only AA and we won’t finish top 20
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