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  1. spartanfan01

    Kendrick Maple

    Was just named Assistant Coach my Mizzou. He replaces Johnston. Good pick up. He and Tyrel Todd worked together at Purdue.
  2. spartanfan01

    Joe Johnston

    Where did Waters go? Another school?
  3. spartanfan01

    Joe Johnston

    I could be mistaken, but I thought it was Dom Bradley. Any word on what happened to, or where Waters went?
  4. spartanfan01

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Another great get by the Coaching staff. Easily one of the best recruiting classes Mizzou has had. On paper it looks great. Only time will tell how it plays out, but a trophy at NCAAS isn’t out of the possibility.
  5. spartanfan01

    Dom Bradley

    Was named a volunteer assistant coach coach at Mizzou! Welcome back big fella. Took over the position held by Waters. Any word on where/what his next move is?
  6. spartanfan01

    Best first and second year wrestlers ever?

    Steve Watson of Francis Howell. Freakish athlete. Started wrestling as a Jr, placed as a Sr but can’t remember exactly.
  7. spartanfan01

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    I just read an article on Dolan a couple days ago. Yep Pitt Johnston after a brief stint at Lock Haven.
  8. spartanfan01

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Crazy to think most of our top recruits are all from in state without the Askrens. What about Troy Dolan, wasn’t he top 30 as well?
  9. spartanfan01

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    I am excited to see how O’toole’s career plays out. He’s a beast for sure. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the highest ranked recruit to become a tiger under Smith. Top 3 overall
  10. spartanfan01

    Tyrel Todd

    Mizzou announced the hiring of Coach Todd to replace Clemsen. Looks to be a great recruiter. Welcome to the Zou! bit.ly/2E2Dv8m
  11. spartanfan01

    Lane Stigall

    Saw on another forum that’s he’s transferring to Oregon State. If true, good luck to him.
  12. spartanfan01

    Alex Clemsen

    Is he still the HC of the Wisconsin RTC? I know he’s still running AWA, and fighting in the UFC. As much as I would love Ben back in Columbia, I agree, he’s too busy. Would Marable or Bradley come back? Spenser Mango would be awesome, but him and Waters might be over doing the light weights.
  13. spartanfan01

    Alex Clemsen

    Any chance D. Lewis gets put on staff?
  14. spartanfan01

    Alex Clemsen

    Congrats, as he was just named Head Coach at Maryland. Best of luck to him.
  15. spartanfan01

    Flo Big Board

    I missed him, good catch. I was impressed to see O’Toole at #3 and Elam at 12. Excited to see what O’Toole does in a Mizzou singlet.