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  1. Bold is National Champ, what are the asterisks?
  2. Is Terrel Wilbourn the only 3x AA? 3,2,1 and an NJCAA Championship is a great career.
  3. I’m not sure what class for recruiting purposes, but I see Mizzou got a Top 20 recruit that was going to ODU before it was dropped. Steven Kolcheff from Michigan. Heavyweight
  4. I would guess R Elam would RS. O’Toole, possibly as well. Interesting what will happen with Brown and Schmitt battling it out with the other lower weights. Will Jaques or Mauler RS next year? Lots of things could happen.
  5. As I look over the brackets, and I know it’s been a rough year but these draws for everyone except Mauller are terrible. Hopefully we produce some upsets, but how it looks now, Brock will be the only AA and we won’t finish top 20
  6. Without looking at the auto berths, Mocco is he the only one that should get a WC into NCAAS
  7. Tough loss for Flynn there. Have to be better at not giving up late take downs.
  8. I was pretty sure Leeth was granted 2 more hours of eligibility prior to this season. Meaning he can comeback next year also. Someone else could confirm or not for sure. Maybe he or him and the coaching staff have decided for him not to comeback, that I don’t know. He’s had a lot of injuries so it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t. We have replacements around 141. Not saying they are better but it maybe be time to give them a go. Trust in Leeths and the coaches decision.
  9. I honestly have no clue. Does seem like Flynn has been wrestling in place of Kent more recently. Guess we’ll all find out at the Conference Tournament.
  10. I saw that. A college open tournament held at a local high school. All that to build records for RPI and AQ spots. If I was Brian Smith I would be pissed they basically blew off the dual. Unless Dresser called Smith and they worked it out with it being Senior night
  11. Saw a post on themat where Iowa St had wrestlers forfeit to each other after a couple seconds. Poster said it looked like they where trying to build certain wrestlers win %. Crazy to basically say F the Mizzou dual for an open tournament.
  12. You are truly being missed as the Class 4 announcer tonight on MAHSAA TV. The replacement they have, isn’t up to par. Terrible. Come back lol
  13. I found the tournament. But I click and brackets and nothing appears. Can someone post a link? Thanks in advance
  14. When do they come out? I checked track, but not available yet as far as I can see.
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