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  1. Mark, Luke and family, Thank you for being such an inspiration to wrestling families across Missouri. Kyle and I truelly enjoyed watching dad in the corner and Luke on the mat. I will for ever have fond memories of FHC 2012 Luke and Kyle going at it on the mat. Not for the results but the words exchanged after the match and most especially Mark the encouragement you gave Kyle. Thank you my friend and I'll be praying Kyle anf Luke will see each other again on the mat. Wrestling doesn't make you a man but God heart and family makes you a man Luke, keep your chin up and be ready to fac
  2. I approached this young man at district and offered some advice on his foot position and I ecpected attitude. Instead, I was, and my advice was recieved with excitement and appreciation,thank you for that. Mr Franklyn, you never let your feet get more then 12 inches (lol!!!) apart and see how well you wrestled. Just kidding, I'm in no way taking any credit for his success. All I can say is congratulations and nice guy's do finish first. Dr. H
  3. Very proud of you Skylar!! This is your year. The Hussey's
  4. Way to go Clay and to you dad, for figuring out which match was the 100th win.
  5. Go to track wrestling.com under duals and follow the props, sorry to say many coaches get busy this time of year and forget to inpute results on the message boards. Impressive young wrestler from what I hear.
  6. wrestlingjunky Kyle made a mistake and it cost him the season, to bad because he never looked better..
  7. chris is an awsome wrestler, very happy for him and his family.....
  8. whilks beat #1 ranked wrestler at 131 zane richards in ot
  9. I really wish Kyle Hussey was wrestling GC....
  10. Prayers for the Banning family from the Hussey's
  11. I'll still be in the stands cheering on the wrestlers and I'll even offer up advice once in awhile, why, because once a wrestler, always a wrestler. Tell Nick I have been following him on Mo wrest and I will see him real soon Merry Christmas Yvette to you, John and your family Jim
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