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  1. It is used all the time just not by itself. Going to be put in with another hold. Collegiate kids are to tough to get turned with just a half.
  2. I keep telling myself to relax. This is a young team and are learning to wrestle in college. I don’t know how this year turns out but they will be better in the following years. I have been spoiled the last decade.
  3. Wow don’t quite know what happened to my user name?
  4. Eierman is a great wrestler, but I don’t see him winning a title this year. Unless he can learn to attack from his feet and stop relying on people to initiate the wrestling I don’t see him winning a title. He does not want to diversify his game which would undoubtably make him much more formidable. Someone like Pletcher, from OSU, which is a technician and has great scrambling ability as well will more times than not going to come out on top. They won’t take the bait and put themselves in a comprising position and if they do will have the ability to scramble well enough to reach a stalemate or out of bounds to keep from being scored upon. Eierman will still be an AA but I don’t think a champ unless he changes his approach. Always going to be 1, 2, or 3 guys that will be more sound which unfortunately is all it take to keep you from being a champ. Hope people, including Eierman if he reads the post on this website, see this not as sour grapes but a honest objective take. Although I do still think it was bullshit how he left the program!
  5. wrestej

    Malik Johnson

    Well I guess that explains why he just seemed to disappear. Be interesting to see what weight he wrestles at. I have know idea but I’m guessing weight cut could have been an issue. Weight cuts suck!
  6. I sort of hope he falls flat. I think it was horse shit the way he left the program.
  7. Thought they are in 2nd semester.?.?
  8. So hard to tell what who is going to jump levels and when it’s going to happen. Ben didn’t look like he was going to be a 4 time finalist his RS year but he put techniques together that worked for him and his abilities along with an ironclad will an the rest is history. I think the ability is there with a couple guys to be solid.
  9. I would have to say this is the best recruiting class for Missouri in any sport that I can remember. Good chance at some multiple AAs in that group.
  10. I don't see him beating Retherford or Yanni but the Olymipcs do only come around once every four years. If that is your dream the window is short and have to seize the opportunity. Take away the top guy and your chances are always going to be better.
  11. wrestej

    J'den at Final X

    Cox wins gold! Out scored his opponents 43-0. Dominated.
  12. wrestej

    J'den at Final X

    Looks like J'Den has taken his wrestling to another level. What is amazing about that is he is already a world champion.
  13. wrestej

    J'den at Final X

    I did not know you have to believe in slavery in order to be racist.
  14. wrestej

    J'den at Final X

    She might have been a racist. Never got to meet her, a little before my time.
  15. Congratulations Jaydin. Also to Conner Flynn for his 3rd. The cadets were loaded with Missouri kids from all across the state. Hawks, Penner, Zerban, Elam all placed. Henson, Travis also don't know how they finished. Saunders took 3rd in U23. Missouri looking tough. Mike must be doing a lot of traveling.
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