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  1. Well so much for that wish. PSU strikes again
  2. So does this mean Mauller is red shirting so Leeth goes 149?
  3. Championships have been canceled by NCAA.
  4. If he and Sasso meet at AAs might be a 1-0 match
  5. Don’t think Pinkel had anything to do with moving at all. That was Alden. Think Alden wanted to go to big 10 but felling was apparently not reciprocated.
  6. If we are just wishing for guys then I’m going with Van Ness from jersey
  7. Sure would be nice to have a good tone setter for the team. Attitude seems good.
  8. Yes he was granted 2 more years. Although if his recent rumored injuries are accurate then I would be shocked if he continued to wrestle. That poor kid has had a rough go.
  9. I could be totally off on this one but I sort of think it’s a sign of the times. Let’s be honest, wrestling is an extremely tough sport. You have to have a certain amount of “want too”. By that I mean you want to push yourself, want to see where you stack up against your peers, want to have a lifestyle that is conducive to meeting your goals; which is hopefully to be the best you can be, etc., etc.. Anyway I don’t see much of those characteristics in young people today. As a society we have gotten soft and are getting softer. Just opinion.
  10. IMO J’Den has jumped a couple of levels since leaving college, while Snyder has stayed the same level since freshman year in college. That being said 97kg is a very tough weight and I would have rather seen him wrestle 86kg. His mindset is the best you can have. He doesn’t want medals or accolades. Mr. Cox is looking to be the very best he can be. The rest will take care of itself. Have to respect that line of thinking.
  11. Had people saying the same when I predicted Cox and Miklus would wrestle 197 and 184 before the were on a college mat. I didn’t say which would be at what weight just those weights made the most sense for the team. They were 220 and hvy last year in high school. As for a percentage, I don’t crunch the numbers. These are human beings and things don’t go as planned often. Too many variables.
  12. Quite a bit. Especially as their careers go on.
  13. Hard to pin down weights with high school kids but if I had to guess—- Hawks at 174, O’Toole at 157 or 165. It used to be always lots of cut but trend is going closer to walk around. Mizzou still seems to cut a lot but if your good enough I guess you can wrestle where you want.
  14. What weight someone will wrestle one year to the next when they are still growing is hard to predict. On his current progression he might be 174 or 184. If he stops growing today I could see him down to as much as 157. So many other factors in the equation. Mizzou seems to suck a lot of weight, ie Hart, Leeth, Eierman was at 133 before he proved he could not maintain strength and a gas tank. How bad does the kid want to crack the line-up. It just goes on and on. Bottom line right now is just a guess on what we think could happen but we don’t have all the variables for the equation.
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