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  1. Skylar Weber Troy, Mo-Briarcliff Mo. Baptist probably has a few also. like maybe Weston Kelleher
  2. Anyone know what time it starts?
  3. You might check Cape, Mexico, Moberly, and Troy
  4. Moberly, Mexico, Kirksville, Brookfield, Hannibal, Troy, Farmington, Jackson, North County, Desoto, Popular Bluff, Hillsborough, and Herculaneum all have middle school programs. There are others but they don't come to mind right now. You are correct in assuming it can help boost your numbers when parental support (or even parental knowledge of the sport) is low. It can also help educate students about the sport and increase a fan base in an area where basketball has been king. Most programs start practice between mid October and the first of November and wrap up before Christmas break. The mid
  5. When the brackets are posted I would appreciate a link. I've been looking but haven't found any yet. Not sure when they post them
  6. middle school wrestling mexico yes, fulton ? north county, farmington, hillsboro, windsor, kirksville, brookfield (spelling?) quincy, MMA? in mexico, and yes troy still has a middle school tourn
  7. contact jim wyble at 636 528 7057 at troy middle school
  8. what time does wrestling start Fri Oct 30? Do they wrestle Sat too?
  9. What about Doty 171 Kirkwood?
  10. I have had several kids and or their parents tell they had to quit because of grades. I've often wondered how many of them go straight home from school(now that they don't have practice)and work on homework from 3:00 until mom and dad get home.
  11. I have a question. I'm sure it has been hashed out before but I would like to see some opinions. There is a lot of talk about "taking shots" or not taking shots and getting hit with stalling. And I have read in the officials magazine that one way to be consistent with stalling calls is to "count shots". However, shots aren't the only legal takedowns. Some wrestlers are more gifted with other syles of wrestling. I know of some state champs who would not have made on "shots" alone. So what justifies all the emphasis on shots as they pertain to the stalling calls? I realize shots are what some c
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