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  1. I think Leeth has a pretty decent shot at winning 141 with McKenna gone and Yianni more than likely taking an Olympic redshirt
  2. This has nothing to do with wrestling. Go argue somewhere else
  3. No, he’s coaching the RTC now
  4. Pretty sure Dom took Waters position
  5. Joe Johnston named Associate Head coach at Airforce. Wonder who replaces him on the staff
  6. I doubt he wants to wrestle off for the U23 spot either. If he doesn’t win the protest I’m sure he isn’t going to want to take a step down
  7. Yianni can now challenge Eierman for the U23 spot, that is if he doesn’t end up getting/winning a 3rd match.
  8. Lost Reno to the cornhuskers
  9. Ben Askren replies to Grant Leeth on Twitter that he spoke to Brian Smith last night and Columbia is a great town
  10. I don’t see anyway that Leeth could make 141. The dude is built like a brick wall. I don’t see them making him cut to this either.
  11. If anyone would have told me that Brock Mauller would have a higher seed than Eierman at the beginning of the year (after Leeth’s injury) I would have thought they were crazy. Wonder where Leeth would have ended up seeded this year?
  12. Wisman absolutely has the ability to upset ZZ. I’m not sure that he will but it wouldn’t be out of the scope of possibility
  13. You done? This is getting old
  14. Can we lock this thread now??
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