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  1. To all the Missouri wrestlers that competed, great job at a very tough tournament.
  2. NCAA's I want to congratulate the Mizzou wrestling program and all the wrestlers from MO, for the great job they did at the NCAA championships. Everyone from MO should be very proud of all of them. I know The Mizzou program came up a little short of what they wanted, they fought hard in the face of adversity and went 6-1 to bring home as many All-Americans as they ever have and some team hardware to boot. Very proud of you. Congrats.
  3. Let have some faith. Everyone is going to stumble at some point. Everyone just needs to wrestle tough on both side and we will still be in it. They need to wrestle to their seeds and hopefully a couple will exceed their seeds. Nothing really changed, that is what we need to in the first place to have a shot at the title. We have the wrestlers we thought we would have on the front side and the wrestlers we thought we would have on the backside. A couple of wrestlers will have to travel a little different path than we thought they would, but as this tournament has proven, it can be done no
  4. I would like to start a thread and see if I can get any input on the subject. Should Missouri have a Dual State wrestling tournament? Why or why not. Most of the states that are major powers in HS wrestling have them IL, OH, PA, NJ, MN, IA, OK. Can Anyone list any others that do? I personally feel we should.
  5. MO/Kan Dual I would have paid to as well. Never missed it when I lived in mid and northern MO. It is just to far now, 3-3 1/2 hours one way. Loved this event
  6. Congrats To MO wrestlers, Way to represent. Wow, lot of falls. Thx Jonathan
  7. Here is a list of Missouri wrestlers that are ranked in the top 10 of USA wrestling in Freestyle, Greco Roman, or Women. I count 10, with two other wrestlers wrestling for a Missouri college or university. Has Missouri ever had that many ranked before? Did I miss anyone? USA WRESTLING SENIOR GRECO-ROMAN RANKINGS - JANUARY 2014 59 KG/130 LBS 1. Spenser Mango, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army WCAP) 2. Ryan Mango, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) 66 KG/145.5 LBS 4. Brian Graham, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm 75 KG/165.35 LBS 2. Jake Fisher, Minneapolis, Minn. (Min
  8. Probably should. You might want to brush up on some technique videos. Lol
  9. Watching the replay on Flowrestling He did signal the illegal move against Waters and the unsportsmanlike against Gilman, He had to have screwed that up. No way was that a slam by Waters. If water pushing on the head getting up was unsportsmanlike, what was Gilman shooting a dbl leg on Waters? I guess you can get away with that crap in IA and with big Ten officials. I wonder what would have happened if a Mizzou wrestler would have do the same thing. Guess we will never know, but I bet it would not have been handled the same way
  10. 3 in a row, 2013 they tied Kearney, 2014 & 2015. Kearney won it in 2012 & tied Neosho in 2013. Neosho won it in 2010 - 2011.
  11. You need to go to flowrestling.com and watch the OT with Waters, shows it pretty clearly, shows everything except Gilman Being awarded his point. Official signal illegal and then unsportsmanlike. If you follow the match from the start of the OT period the score is 1-1, Waters hit a switch, Gilman clasps and waters gets the switch making it 4-1. Restart and Gilman pulls his crap, action is stopped, the call for illegal slam is made and point is awarded to green, Waters. Then it get confusing, but an unsportsmanlike is called. On the restart the score is 5-2. Why Gilman is given 2 reversal on th
  12. Gilman was called for the slam, 1pt Waters. Water called for unsportsmanlike for pushing the head down on Gilman, 1 pt Gilman. Ironic when you see Iowa do the same thing for 20 years and never get called for it. What about what Gilman did afterwards? Refs did nothing about that and it was much worse. Not to speak of the intential slam. Should have been flagrant, the intent was to injure Waters, I don't think anyone can denie that. Just proud of the Mizzou boys for wrestling so tough and showing class. Congrats to the entire Mizzou program.
  13. Could not be prouder of how tough they wrestled. Kudos to Coach Smith for having his wrestlers ready. Girl an should have been ejected. Clearly he was trying to seriously injure Water. Completely a punk move. Hats off to LaVallee for stepping it up.
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