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  1. Nitzel took 5th at 97kg and Kolcheff took 6th at 125 kg.
  2. Let me clarify. I wholly support women’s wrestling and think it may save wrestling as a sport. Women's wrestling should have been added as a new sport. However, MSHSAA wanted it to happen more quickly and instead of adding a sport they added a division. I believe it was well intentioned. Unfortunately, they did not realize the impact it would have on coaches. Work for some coaches almost doubled overnight. There are a lot of programs that still do not have a stipend to support the girls. The positive of adding it as a division is that you already have all the structures in place to s
  3. Why reduce weight classes? Keep the weight classes and reduce the number of state tournaments. Go to one class for individual State. Do the divisions for a dual state. MSHSAA can sponsor it. The argument that MSHSAA can’t have multiple championships is bunk since they added a girls division. A team can win two championships in the same sport now that they have a girls division. One of the reasons they said they couldn’t support a dual state is because they couldn’t give out an additional state championship in the same sport. Proven to not be true when they added girls as a division instead of
  4. Francis Howell will be hosting the Savage Wrestling Tournament on 4/13. Information posted below. We apologize for the formatting. SAVAGE WC Freestyle and Greco Tournament April 13, 2019 Francis Howell High School 7001 South Highway 94 St Charles, MO 63304 7:00-7:30 am -WEIGH-INS for wrestlers that have not pre-registered: Clubs are responsible for paying for their pre-registered wrestlers even if the wrestler scratches. 9:00 AM Coaches meeting covering rules and demonstration- Freestyle - Regular Rules 12:00 PM approximately -Greco will start after Free
  5. Congratulations to all the Missouri wrestlers who traveled to Virginia to compete in NHSCA Nationals. The following wrestlers earned All-American status. Harrison Merriman. 7th 220. Hayden Trezek 8th. 138. Kal Miller 1st. 126. Ethan Miller 2nd. 132. Grayston Diblasi. 8th. 145. Jacob Mann 5th. 120. Logan Ferrero 4th. 113. Ray Villalto 6th. HWT. Sam Hravbosky 6th. 120. Xavier Doolin 2nd. 195. Colton Hawks 1st. 182. Ryan Skillington 3rd. HWT. Devin Schwartzkopf 5th. 145. Jaylen Carson 6th. 126. Autumn Flanigan. 3rd. 112 Caitlyn
  6. Not sure when he graduated but Jared Johnson pinned everyone he wrestled senior year. Pretty impressive.
  7. The win/loss argument is flawed. At the stampede a good wrestler can go 2-1 on day one with 2 byes. Then on day 2 go 0-5. I’ve seen plenty of state medalist finish below 16th at that tournament. I’ve seen returning state finalist finish in 18th place. With the round robin into a bracket tournament, wrestlers take a lot more losses. I dont hear many wrestlers or parents complaining about the state tournament being watered down. If you want the toughest competition there are plenty of opportunities during and after the season. Two classes and medal the top 8 is intriguing but I doubt
  8. Do any of the coaches think they would have better participation if there was a separate coach to promote and then focus on the development of girls in their program?
  9. It is great that we have added women’s wrestling but I am curious as to how many schools have financially supported the decision to add women’s wrestling? What schools have added a coaching stipend and/or added money for uniforms? It’s awesome that they added opportunities for women but I disagree with how MSHSAA added it as a division instead of a new sport. If we truly want to grow women’s wrestling we need a commitment from MSHSAA and schools to support those females. Many coaches are advertising for and support women's wrestling but we need schools to add coaches w
  10. preceptor


    From themat.com Cadet Freestyle 100 - Landon Kivett 106 - Austin Wadlow, James Homfeld, Jacob Mann 113 - Ben Locke, Kal Miller, Cayden Auch, Alex Flerlage, Korbin Shepherd, Eli Rocha 120 - Ayden Dolt, Nathaniel Pulliam, Ethan Muir, Khyler Brewer, Teague Travis, Kyle Crawford 126 - Kade Willis, Oscar Ortiz 132 - Chase Cordia, Matthew Bahl, Grayston Diblasi 138 - Garrett Labelle, Kage Lenger 145 - David Brooks, Gavin Gross, Camden Meeks, Brant Whitaker, William Locke, Aaron Mcdaniel 152 - Caden Green, Tyler Ross 160 - Jack Darrah 170 - Cole Gripka, Drake Tipton, Greyden Pe
  11. I bet my math is off in a few places but here are the returning points from my quick calculations. These points do not count wrestlers who did not compete at State last year but placed in previous years. It also does not have transfers. If I made any mistakes please correct them. CBC 105.5, 7 rsq Park Hill 86, 10 rsq Lafayette 72, 6 rsq Seckman 68, 6 rsq Staley 63.5, 7 rsq Liberty 50, 2 rsq Holt 50, 8 rsq FHC 47, 6 rsq Jeff City 38, 6 rsq Eureka 28.5, 3 rsq
  12. Holt High School is looking for an assistant coach. Please contact me at jasonmoore@wsdr4.org if you are interested.
  13. I believe that Illinois already does this. It will create more paperwork for the coaches to follow. In addition, I don't think this will have to be approved by the coaches. I think this is something that will come from the medical review board and then coaches will have to deal with the consequences. It is getting to point where the paperwork is a full time position for a coach.
  14. Lawton Benna, Sidney Oliver, and Austin Keller (Gandview) should be wrestling at the Grandview Open. Mike Brown (Drury) should be at the Dan Harris Open. Clayton Ream (NDSU) has a dual vs IA State. Cee Monsivias (Lindenwood-Bellville) should be at the MacMurray Open. Colby Smith and Gavin Londoff (App State) should be at the Southern Open. as stated above.
  15. By quick count I saw 21 ranked wrestlers according to the latest Flo rankings. 4 at 182.
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