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  1. Go to trackwrestling.com hit browse then hit tournaments pullup tournaments for Missouri in the search You should then be able to find any tournament results for any and all tournaments that took place in Missouri.

    MAC Tournament

    Eight in the finals is great by anyone's measuring stick. Surtin making it was certainly an excellent surprise. Hart making the early mistake and loosing was disheartening to say the least. Zach Elam loosing was probably to be expected with his conservative style. All ten will now qualify for Nationals as Hart and Z Elam should get at large bids no matter what tomorrows results are,

    MAC Tournament

    Looks like espn+ is just picking one mat per semi final so we are not getting to see Surtins

    MAC Tournament

    Yes Mac seeds have been redrawn and Brown is out and Surtin is in.
  5. Then he looses to Punke - Makes you think Brown must be pretty good
  6. Link to announcement https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2021-02-11/ncaa-releases-pre-allocations-and-first-coaches-ranking-2021-division-i-wrestling?fbclid=IwAR0VGmvH02n85P5_nI9HnnsCCHRah66nhvfH56HhGLdfpq1h3keSJG5raDA
  7. Central Oklahoma is D2 - Mizzou supposedly sending 18 wrestles but a good portion of starters not going. Anyone know what is going on with Jerimiah Kent? Tigers need him to make a run for a trophy.
  8. Will this be another shutout? SIUE has a chance it appears at 157 and 285. Here is wrestlestats prediction https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/dual/43/missouri/69/southern-illinois-edwardsville
  9. No. 6 Tigers Set for Second Home Tri-Dual of Season OPPONENT LOCATION DAY TIME (CT) WATCH STATS Ohio Hearnes Center Saturday, Jan. 23 2 p.m. WatchESPN Stats Northern Illinois Hearnes Center Saturday, Jan. 23 3:30 p.m. WatchESPN Stats
  10. Mizzou over Northern Iowa 34 to 6. We loose in overtime at 125 and loose 3 to 2 at 285.
  11. No but I am sure Coach Smith would have loved to wrestle them if it could have been worked out.
  12. Yes and they can all come back next year if they so desire!
  13. Coach Smith said in his podcast that the starting lineup going forward is !25 - Brown 133 - Schmidt 141 - Hart 149 Mauller 157 - Jacques 165 - O'Toole 174 - Mocco 184 - Kent 197 - R Elam 285 - Z Elam
  14. I think it probably was just natural transition of a young athlete and his development in the weight room along with normal growth and maturity. I like the lineup better with Harman right now but Hawks makes it a real tough comparison for the future.
  15. Here are the results of all the matches duals and extras NO. 12 MIZZOU OVER (RV) SOUTH DAKOTA STATE, 33-9 125: No. 19 Connor Brown over Daniel Vega by 14-5 major decision 133: No. 30 Zach Price over No. 11 Matt Schmitt by 7-5 decision 141: No. 16 Allan Hart over No. 23 Clay Carlson by 14-4 major decision 149: No. 3 Brock Mauller over Hunter Marko by 8-2 decision 157: Keegan O'Toole over No. 24 Cade DeVos by fall (2:10) 165: No. 16 Peyton Mocco over Kenny O'Neil by 11-1 major decision 174: No. 26 Sean Harman over Cade King by 10-4 decision
  16. Kent looked like a full size 84 so I think his days at 174 are over.
  17. Thanks for the heads up - Guess they did not want to throw Rocky Elam out vs #10 Tanner Sloan in his first D1 match - #1 take away wish we could give all our wrestlers Sean Harman's gas tank. Nice win for Mizzou!
  18. Here is wrestlestats dual comparison and prediction for the North Dakota St match Dual Comparison Missouri vs North Dakota State | WrestleStat Same for South Dakota State Match Dual Comparison Missouri vs South Dakota State | WrestleStat Again for Oregon State Dual Comparison Missouri vs Oregon State | WrestleStat
  19. Seems like the Black and Gold was basically a wrestle off to see who was #2 in the room as a lot of the expected #1s did not wrestle.
  20. Black and Gold is Tuesday the 22nd 5pm no fans - Mizzou will post a link to the live stream.
  21. Hope one of these 133/141 pounders can make 125 long term. WOW we are packed at 133/141 in the room!
  22. That would be Cornell's Team.

    At Large Bids

    He would have had a very limited chance at best but when all the upsets occurred of wrestlers who qualified spots at 125 any chance he had disappeared.
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