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  1. TheSidewinder

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

  2. TheSidewinder

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    My brother was his last high school match
  3. TheSidewinder

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    I didn't mean to sound insulting, I was merely using humor to point out an obvious fact. I've been coaching for quite some time and not a day goes by when someone doesn't look at me and say, "I wasn't pinned" when most of the time, they were. I generally have to explain that the "Pinning" area doesn't only involve the shoulders but the entire scapula and that "Yes" they were pinned. I have also seen instances where I did not feel that the wrestler was pinned. Oddly enough though, It was always my wrestler that got screwed over and never the other guy. A pin is a judgement call which means that it comes down to the opinion of the officials and most of the time, they do get it right and at state, almost always. When someone comes to me, Parent or wrestler, complaining about "not being pinned" , my reply is usually, " Well, if you hadn't been on your back, we wouldn't be having this conversation" Life isn't always fair and neither is wrestling. There are times when the call doesn't go your way and you have two choices. Complain about it or learn not to get in that position again. You either win a match or learn from it, hopefully both but whatever the case may be, you need to worry about the next match because the last one is already in the books.
  4. TheSidewinder

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    No one in prison admits they were guilty and no one who wrestles ever thinks that they were pinned. They were all just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  5. TheSidewinder

    Girls going to State

    GIRLS WRESTLING-2018-2019 970 Total Girls Wrestling Participants in one Classification 144 qualifiers in One Classification (12 weight classes, top 3 medalists per weight class per district, 4 districts = 12 state qualifiers at each weight class) =14.8% of the total Girls Wrestling Participants in one Classification are qualifying for the state tournament 48 Girls Wrestlers will be State Medalists in the one Classification (top 4 at each weight class) =4.95% of the Girls Wrestlers in the One Classification will be state medalist at the state tournament BOYS WRESTLING-2018-2019 6671 Total Boys Wrestling Participants 6671/4 Classes = 1668 Boys Wrestlers Per Classification 224 qualifiers per Classification (14 weight classes, top 4 medalists per weight class per district, 4 districts = 16 state qualifiers at each weight class) =13.4% of the total Boys Wrestling Participants per Classification qualify for the state tournament 84 Boys Wrestlers will be State Medalists per Classification (top 6 at each weight class) = 5.03% of the Boys Wrestlers per Classification medal at the state tournament
  6. TheSidewinder

    Girls Wrestling Support

    I have 3 girls , two are new and one is a senior who has been wrestling since 6th grade. I doubt that two of them will make it through the season. I've had girls on the team every years since I've started coaching so it not really anything new. It will probably be business as usual until districts and then we will figure it out .
  7. TheSidewinder

    Efforts to Increase Program Numbers

    My school has had 14 boys (total) graduate in the last 3 years. The numbers look better in the future but when you are at a small school and you are competing against basketball, it is a struggle.
  8. TheSidewinder

    Girls wrestling

    I just started reading this and got a headache. Ill come back later after the experts break it down. On the upside, after I told my girl wrestlers about it, they started recruiting other girls for a team for next year.
  9. TheSidewinder

    Rules Proposals and Ideas for every increasing

    Quote....." Now as a coach, I feel it is OUR responsibility to recruit kids to our programs. It is OUR responsibility to provide an enticing experience for our athletes. There should not be a terrible burden in getting 14-18 individuals to fill a team, however should you struggle there will be consequences." Consequences? We graduated 9 students from our school last year and I had 10 kids out for wrestling.....how about a medal?
  10. TheSidewinder

    Class Ranking?

    Since I stopped coaching at the high school level, Its been hard to keep up with area wrestlers. Track wrestling has also reduced the need for people to discuss matches that they have watched. I haven't even seen a GRC hate thread yet this year.
  11. TheSidewinder

    Class 1 Rankings 12/21/15

    Will there be individual District Rankings this year? Anyone up for doing some research and posting some best guesses?
  12. TheSidewinder

    District 4-Rankings

    Does anyone have any thoughts on District 4 weight classes? Thank God this site is back
  13. TheSidewinder

    Class 1 Rankings Updated 12/23

    He should wrestle Ty Jones at Rockport and that will give a good indication.
  14. TheSidewinder

    Polo Duals

    Polo had their tournament . Saw some great wrestling today.....congratulations to the Polo coaching staff for being better at predicting the weather than the experts and not cancelling the night before.
  15. TheSidewinder

    Polo Duals

    My son just told me that Polo has been moved back from 9 am to 11 am for now due to weather concerns.