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  1. National qualifiers from Mizzou (I will try to find the list of all qualifiers from Missouri I did later) year - name- Weight - Placing 1930- Von Robbins 175 lbs. 3rd 1931 - F.G. Sappington 145 lbs. 1967- Steve Cavanaugh 115 lbs. 1967- Jim Gilroy, 137 lbs. 1967- Ron Grubbs, 145 lbs. 1967- Rick Thompson 152 lbs. 1969- Steve Cavanaugh 123 lbs. 1969- Brad Zemmel, 152 lbs. 1969- Rick Thompson, 160 lbs. 1969- Bob Knudsen, UNL 1970- Dave Barrett , 126 lbs. 1970- Brad Zemmel, 150 lbs. 1970- Curt Bourg, 158 lbs. 1970- John Byrd
  2. Trey Crawford beat the 5th and 7th placers. But lost to the 3rd and 4th placers. Tough draw
  3. take the final 10 seconds of the SIUE match for Hawks and he finished 7-2 and with two one point loses to AA's (Britt Wilson and Parker Keckeisen) and a win over the #10 seeded wrestler at NCAA. So there is reason to be high on him,
  4. 125- Brown/Surtin 133- Schmitt 141- Hart/Edmond 149- Mauller/Edmond 157- Jacques 165- O'Toole 174- Mocco/Harman/Villapando 184- Kent/Hawks 197- Rocky Elam 285- Zach Elam This year The entire Freshman class plus Mauller, jacques and Zach Elam still have redshirts to burn. Cause with everyone coming back for a 6th/7th year and it going to be extremely crowded all around. may be you redshirt those guys and then have a team that can compete for a trophy/title the next three/four years. Cause after next year teams like Iowa, Michigan, Cornell
  5. 2021- Korbin Shepherd, Blue Springs, MO 133 Rankings: FloWrestling: #12 @ 132 lbs./#5 Sr. @ 132 lbs. Trackwrestling: #8 @ 132 lbs./#4 senior @ 132 lbs. TheOpenMat: #14 @ 132 libs./#10 Senior @ 132 lbs. (#4 @ 132 in The Midwest) MatScout: #7 @ 132 lbs./#4 Senior @ 132 lbs. (#38 on the Class of 2021 Big Board) Record: 145-10 State Placing: 2nd-1st-2nd-1st Accomplishments: 2019 USAW Junior Folkstyle Nationals 4th Place 120 lbs. Nathan Pulliam, Rolla, MO 149 Rankings: Flowrestling:#19 @ 145 lbs./#11 Sr. @ 145 lbs. (#71 Overa
  6. Div II AA's From the state of Missouri: 1976-134 lbs. Dave Robinson (northwest STL)/SIU-Edwardsville -2nd 1978-134 lbs. Dave Robinson (Northwesat STL)/SIU-Edwardsville -5th 1983-134 lbs. Randy Cowden (park Hill)/Central Missouri-6th 1983-167 lbs. Sam Williams (Normandy)/Central Missouri-8th 1986-142 lbs. Mark Danner (Boonville?)/Central Missouri-2nd 1987-142 lbs. Mark Danner (Boonville?)/Central Missouri-5th 1988-177 lbs. Dwight Downs (Francis Howell)/SIU-Edwardsville -5th 1988-167 lbs. Chris Mihlfeld (winnetonka)/Central Missouri-6th 1989-118 lbs.
  7. Other College National Champions: NJCAA- 1988-275 lbs. Brian Jackson, Forest Park CC (DeSmet) 1994-126 lbs. Scott Stefl, Meramac CC (Oakville) 2001-125 lbs. Bobbe Lowe Iowa Central (Oak Grove) 2008-141 lbs. Aaron Senzee, Meramec CC (Kearney) 2008-184 lbs. Deron Winn, Meramec CC (Liberty) 2011-141 lbs. Tyler Holloway, Rend Lake CC (Brookfield) 2012-141 lbs. Terrell Wilbourn, Iowa Central CC (Francis Howell Central) 2013-133 lbs. Le’Roy Barnes, Neosho CC (Belton) 2014-174 lbs. Payne Hatter, Northeastern Oklahoma CC (Neosho) 2019-157 lbs. Eth
  8. Div-I Final Twelve Partipants From Missouri: (27) 1975-158 lbs. Paul Berry- Missouri (Ritenour)* 1977-126 lbs. Dane Ives-Missouri (Pattonville) 1980-150 lbs. Wes Roper-Missouri (Wiiliam Chrisman) 1982-UNL lbs. Mitch Shelton-Okalhoma State (Affton) 1984-167 lbs. Sheppard Pittman-Missouri (Beaumont) 1985-167 lbs. Doug Anderson-Missouri (Pattonville) 1986-118 lbs. Mark Clayton-Minnesota (Scott City) 1988-126 lbs. Dan Lovelace-Missouri (Parkway West) 1988-167 lbs. Craig Martin-Missouri (DeSmet) 1990-150 lbs. Greg Warren-Missouri (Kirkwood) 199
  9. From Missouri-(82) 1930-175 lbs. Von Robbins-3rd 1977-150 lbs. Terrell Williams-4th 1979-126 lbs. Keith Whelan-6th 1979-167 lbs. Dave Miller-7th 1980-126 lbs. Khris Whelan-7th 1981-177 lbs. Dave Young-5th 1982-150 lbs. Wes Roper-4th 1982-177 lbs. Dave Young-5th 1983-134 lbs. Khris Whelan-4th 1984-118 lbs. Joe Spinazzola-4th 1984-150 lbs. John Sonderegger-4th 1985-190 lbs. Mark Cody-5th 1987-167 lbs. Craig Martin-5th 1988-190 lbs. Charlie Scheretz-8th 1990-118 lbs. Bobby Crawford-7th 1991-118 lbs. Sam Henson-5th
  10. I did this around 2008 and it is on the board here is the updated list. Div I All-American From Missouri:(80) 1956-123 lbs. Vernon "Hap" Whitney, Purdue (Normandy) -3rd 1977-150 lbs. Terrell Williams Missouri (Webster Groves)-4th 1982-150 lbs. Wes Roper-Missouri (Wiiliam Chrisman) 1983-UNL lbs. Mitch Shelton Oklahoma State (Affton)-3rd 1984-150 lbs. John Sonderegger Missouri (McCluer)-4th 1987-167 lbs. Craig Martin Missouri (DeSmet)-5th 1989-275 lbs. Brian Jackson-NC State (DeSmet)-5th 1991-118 lbs. Sam Henson Missouri (Francis Howell) -5th 19
  11. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/23665 Schools with Men's Wrestling in Missouri DIV I- Missouri DIV II- Central Missouri Drury Lindenwood Maryville William Jewell DIV III- Fontbonne Westminister NAIA- Central Methodist Missouri Baptist Missouri Valley Schools with Woman's Woman's Programs in Missouri Central Methodist Fontbonne Lindenwood Missouri Baptist Missouri Valley William Jewell
  12. Updated with Sam Frankowski
  13. If memory serves me it is kids from Missouri that were AA's (I listed all Missouri Schools as well)
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