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  1. northco

    2019/2020 Mizzou Recruiting

    Thought I would start the new thread since 2019 recruiting is over. Mizzou Currently has three top 60 recruits... Keep it going. 2020 Keegan O’Toole, Heartland Arrowhead, WI (149/157) Rankings: Intermat: #1 Overall & #1 Junior @ 145 lbs.  FloWrestling: #1 Overall & #1 Senior @ 145 lbs. Trackwrestling: #1 Overall & #1 Senior @ 145 lbs. FloWrestling #3 Overall Senior Trackwrestling: #4 Overall Senior #1 FloWrestling Prospect Rankings 157 lbs. #7 FloWrestling P4P Rankings Record: 108-5 State Place: 1st-1st-1st Accomplishments: 2019 UWW Junior Freestyle Team Trials Runner-up 65 Kg 2019 UWW Junior Freestyle Nationals Championship 7th Place 65 kg 2018 Super 32 Champion 145 lbs. 2018 2nd @ Who’s #1 138 lbs. 2018 USAW Junior Freestyle National Champion 138 lbs. 2018 3rd Place Cheesehead 132 lbs. 2017 USAW Cadet Freestyle Nationals 4th Place 126 lbs. 2017 4th Place FloNationals 113 lbs. 2017 5th Place Cheesehead 113 lbs. 2016 USAW Cadet Freestyle Nationals 7th Place 106 lbs. Colton Hawks, Holt HS, MO (184 lbs.) Rankings: Trackwrestling: NA Intermat: #7 Overall & #6 Senior @ 182 lbs. FloWrestling: #6 Overall & #6 Senior @ 182 lbs. Trackwrestling: NA FloWrestling #57 Overall Senior Record: 130-16 State Place: 4th-3rd-2nd Accomplishments: 2019 UWW Cadet Freestyle Team Trials 5th place 80 Kg. 2019 NHSCA Junior Folkstyle National Champion 182 lbs. 2018 USAW Cadet Freestyle Nationals 8th Place 182 lbs. 2018 USAW Cadet Greco Nationals 5th place 182 lbs. 2018 USAW Cadet Folkstyle National Champion 170 lbs. 2017 NHSCA Freshman Folkstyle Nationals 2nd Place 152 lbs. Rocky Elam, Staley HS, MO (184/197) Rankings: Intermat: #2 overall & #2 Ranked Senior @ 182 lbs. FloWrestling: #2 Overall & #2 Senior@ 182 lbs. Trackwrestling: #2 Overall & #2 Senior @ 182 lbs. Class of 2020 Rankings FloWrestling: #12 Overall Senior TrackWrestling: #28 Overall Senior Record:156-16 State Place: SQ-3rd-1st Accomplishments: 2019 UWW Cadet Freestyle Team Trials 3rd place 92 Kg. 2019 USAW Junior Folkstyle National Champion 182 lbs. 2018 Super 32 3rd Place 182 lbs. 2018 USAW Cadet Freestyle National Champion 182 lbs. 2018 USAW Cadet Folkstyle Nationals 3rd Place 182 lbs. 2017 USAW Preseason Cadet Folkstyle Nationals 2nd Place 170 lbs. 2016 USAW Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals 2nd Place 144 lbs.
  2. northco

    D2, D3 NAIA Commits

    Div II McKendree - Cory Peterson, DeSmet McKendree - Blake Hopson, Park Hill Central Missouri - Clay Wilson, Marshfield Drury - Teddy Hickey, Ft. Zumwalt North Ft. Hays State - Clint Herrick, Ray-Pec Lake Erie- Christian Zeik, Liberty Lindenwood - Ben Bohr, St. Charles Lindenwood - Zac Russell, Whitfield Div III Coast Guard Academy - Dylan Looney, Fox Fontbonne - Joe Johnson, Fox NAIA Lindenwood-Belleville - Jordon Sanders, Hillsboro Lindenwood-Belleville - Jaden Worthington, Grain Valley Lindenwood-Belleville - Ben Lindley, Ft. Zumwalt South Cowley- Otis Peeler, Raytown South (Iowa Western) Embry Riddle- Dawson Javier, Lindbergh Briar Cliff - Daniel Albrecht, Waynesville Baker - Austin Kovlek, Liberty Central Methodist - Corey Wait, Francis Howell Central Central Methodist - Cody Imbierowicz, St. Charles
  3. northco

    Best first and second year wrestlers ever?

    Mario Johnson came out halfway through his Junior year and took 4th in State. He wrestled a couple matches his senior year and quit. He went on to start 4 years at Mizzou at DT. Then played like 5 years in the NFL. Another one I know of was Ken Jones who came out as a senior and took 2nd in state. Miguel Wallace from Berkeley came out as a Junior and Qualified then took 2nd at HWT as a Senior only weighing 202 lbs.
  4. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Actually I think Dolan and Ashtin Primus were both possibly high 20's. But I think they were more 35-45 Range. Dolan actually wrestled again many years later for Pitt-Johnston. Primus I think was a multi time NAIA Champ at Notre Dame. Also, Miklus was either high teens or high 20s.
  5. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    I think Kephart and Daniel Lewis were like #25 overall. Kephart might have been in the high teens. If memory serves me correct the only top 30 recruits that Mizzou has had are as follows. Cox, Lewis, Kephart, Zach Elam, Eierman (I think he was 29), Both Askrens (maybe), Bradley (I think he was 15) and maybe Barker. The only top 10 was Cox.
  6. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    O'Toole came to the mat in a SHOW-ME Mizzou Wrestling Shirt.
  7. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    If you want to look at the Tigers and their needs for the 2019/2020 class here we go. The Team after the 2020 season 125- Dack Punke, So., (NCAA Qualifier) Cevion Severado, RSFR., (23-6 Redshirt record, World Greco Silver Medalist) Incoming Freshman: Noah Surtin, (2017 Fargo Junior Champion) Incoming Freshman: Eric Lovelace, (2x State Placer) 133- Allen Hart, So., (13-6 as a Freshman) Cameron Valdiviez, So., (9-5) Weston DiBlasi, RSFR., (11-4 @ a Redshirt) 141- Jaydin Eierman, SR (3x AA, taking an Olympic Redshirt in 2019/2020) Allen Hart, (See Above) Malik Johnson, RSFR (9-2 as A Redshirt) Other Possibilities/Rumors: Grant Leeth, RSJR (2018 All-American @ 149) 149- Grant Leeth, (See Above) Brock Mauller, So (2019 AA) Incoming: Mitchell Bohlken, (Class 3 State Champion, 3x State Placer) incoming: Michael Cassidy (2x State Placer) Incoming: Braxton Barnes (Class 3 State Champ) 157- Jarrett Jaques, So, (2019 NCAA Qualifier) Peyton Mocco, RSFR., (9-1 as a Redshirt, David Carr's only Loss) Derek McDaniel, RSFR., (7-11 as a Redshirt) 2020 verbal Recruit: #3 overall Keegan O'Toole, Arrowhead WI 165- Martell Boone, RSFR., (16-10 as a Redshirt) Incoming: Robert Weber (2x State Champion) Other Possibilities/Rumors: Jarrett Jacques/Peyton Mocco 174- Jeremiah Kent, RSFR., (16-5 as a Redshirt) Incoming: Sean Harman (3x OR State Champion, #11 Ranked Nationally) Incoming: Robert Weber (2x State Champion) Other Possibilities/Rumors: Canten Marriott, JR (2018 NCAA Qualifier @ 184 lbs.) 184- Canten Marriott, JR., (2018 NCAA Qualifier) Jacob Raschka, RSSO., (Injured Last year, 15-6 as a Redshirt, 3rd at Junior World Team Trials in 2018) 197- Wyatt Koelling, Jr., (20-10 as a Starter last year) Jacob Raschka, RSSO., (Injured Last year, 15-6 as a Redshirt, 3rd at Junior World Team Trials in 2018) Jack Flynn, RSFR., (2-2 as a Redshirt) Cordel Duhart, RSFR., (15-8 as a redshirt) Incoming: Jace Punke, (2018 Junior Freestyle Champion @ 220 lbs., 2x IL State Champion, 4x Placer) 2020 Recruit: #12 Overall Rocky Elam, 285- Zach Elam, So., (2019 NCAA Round of 12) Jacob Bohlken, Jr., (23-15 Career Record) Rodrigo Diaz, Jr., (16-19 Career Record) Other Possibilities/Rumors: Incoming: Jace Punke, Seniors leaving after 2019/2020 141 Sam Ritchie, Sr., (6-12) 149 Alex Butler, SR., (14-6 last year, 53-28 Career Record) 157 Phyllip DeLoach, SR., (27-16 Career Record) 157 Austin Eveler, SR., 157 Keegan McCormick, Sr., 165 Connor Flynn, Sr., (2x NCAA Qualifier) 165 Luke Fortuna Sr., (35-25 Career Record) 184 Dylan Wisman, Sr, (2019 NCAA Qualifier)* (Could get a 6th year) 184/197 Taylor Watkins, Sr., (34-26 Career Record) 285 Austin Myers, SR., (2017 NCAA Qualifier) So by looking at this I think the Tigers needs are at weights like 165,174,184 with 133 & 141. The Tigers already have two top 12 recruits from the 2020 Class. If they could get Penner, (solves the 174/184 recruit)/Hawks (184 recruit) and Crawford (133/141 recruit) that would be a good haul plus others. Then in 2021 or beyond you have kids like Travis, Henson, Miller(s) and others in state plus someone like Mitchell Mesenbrink from Arrowhead, WI (2022). Also, Tyrel Todd using his connections in Michigan and his home state of Montana to get the top talent out of there.
  8. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Updated 5/7
  9. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    updated 5/1
  10. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    updatged 4/29
  11. northco

    Alex Clemsen

    Wonder who will take his job in Columbia? Does Joe Johnston move into his role as Associate head coach and hire a new assistant coach from the outside or does Alan Waters move into the assistant coach role? Alan is still competing so he may want to stay as Volunteer Assistant.
  12. northco

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Updated with Rocky Elam!
  13. All-Missouri Team 125 Tyler Kreith, Maryville (Francis Howell) 6th NCAA DIV II 133 John Erneste, Missouri (Park Hill) 6th NCAA DIV I 141 Jaydin Eierman, Missouri (Father Tolten) 3rd NCAA DIV I 149 Brock Mauller, Missouri (Father Tolten) 6th NCAA DIV I 157 Ethan Karsten, Iowa Central (Platte County) NJCAA National Champion 165 Kyle Caldwell, Northeast Oklahoma (Willard) 4th NJCAA 174 Daniel Lewis, Missouri (Blue Springs) 4th NCAA DIV I 184 Michael Pixley, McKendree (Blue Springs) NCAA DIV II National Champion 197 Ethan Scheretz, Maryville (Whitfield) 6th NCAA DIV II 285 Shaun Beeson, Graceland (Monett) 4th NAIA/ Zach Elam, Missouri (Staley) NCAA DIV I Round of 12