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  1. northco

    State brackets

    The Electricty in the Hearns Center is far better than in Mizzou Arena cause it is so cavernous. The upper section is closed down now and they would be sitting in the two lower bowl sections. It would be crowded both weekends. Also, you would have 1280 total State Qualifiers split into two seperate weenkends 640 Qualifiers + Family members each week as opposed to 1086 for one weekend. If girls Wrestling continues to grow then One Weekend will not be enough to hold the wrestling state tournament it will have to be divided into two or done at Seperate locations. Seperate locations is not viable because, The coaches for the girls is the same as the boys. Plus, Travel and hotel cost to the schools. This way each would have equal footing on the big stage and it would be cost effective for the Schools and the parents.
  2. northco

    State brackets

    I misread what you were speaking of. We are NEVER going back to two or three classes. Since we are at 4 Classes we should make it more equitable for everyone. I also think if Girls Wrestling takes off. Once we get to 200 Schools doing Girls Wrestling (Or participation dictates) We should create a 2nd Class for girls and then the fun would start. Here is what I think. 1st Weekend In Feb. Class 1, Class 2 and Girls Class 1 Districts 2nd Weekend in Feb. Class 3, Class 4 and Girls Class 2 Districts Class 1, Class 2, and Girls Class 1 State @ HEARNES CENTER!!!! 3rd Weekend in Feb Class 3, Class 4 and Girls Class 2 State @ HEARNES CENTER!!!! The state tournament back at Hearnes would be awesome. Smaller venue with seating close to the mat. The electricity would be amazing. While as a coach Mizzou Arena is much nicer with back stage warmup area size. Hearnes as a spectator is 10X better than Mizzou arena. The reason it was moved out of the Hearnes is because it only holds 6 mats as opposed to the 8 Mizzou Arena. Now if three of the Classes were there.. Only 6 mats would be needed.
  3. northco

    State brackets

    What makes you think that? We have added over 40 programs in the last 10 years... What makes you think there will be drops. If they drop that is because there is not participation which would fall on the coach and the school. Here are the numbers for this year. Every Year there are teams that at the beginning of the season that say they are going to have a team and get put into District Competition and then don't field a team for Districts. These are always class 1 and 2. But yet we have equal distribution? Come on really? Class 1 - 518 Wrestlers entered into Districts for 61 teams 8.49 Kids per team entered into Districts 37 Wrestlers per Weight Class 9.25 per weight class at each District District 2 had 30% of all kids entered in the district with 156. 24 more than the nearest District District 1 had 100 wrestlers entered and average 7.14 wrestlers per weight class also 6 wrestlers that didn't have to win a match to go to state Class 2 - 536 wrestlers entered into Districts for 59 teams 9.08 wrestlers per team entered into Districts 38.28 Wrestlers per Weight Class 9.57 Wrestlers per weight class average District 3 had 166 wrestlers 31% of all kids entered in the State Competition District 1 had 14 teams and had 104 wrestlers entered Class 2 has TWO BYES at the state tournament. Class 3 - 652 wrestlers entered for 61 teams 10.69 wrestlers per team entered into the districts 46.56 per Wrestlers per weight class 11.64 Wrestlers per weight class in each district The biggest District was District 3 with 175 wrestlers entered (Biggest in the state by far)t in the st but the smallest was District 2 with 154. So all Districts are within 20 wrestlers roughly. Class 3 for the 2nd year in a row has the most wrestlers entered in state competition. Class 4 - 634 Wrestlers entered for 60 teams. 10.56 Wrestlers per team entered into districts. 45.29 wrestlers per Weight Class 11.32 Wrestlers per weight Class in each district The biggest district was district 1 with 166 Wrestlers. District 3 and 4 both had 161 and the smallest was District 2 with 146. Weight Classes with less than 8 wrestlers means that at least one wrestler can qualify for state by winning 1 match in Weight classes with less than 6 there are wrestlers that don't have to win a match to go to state. Class 1 - brackets with less than 8 Wrestlers 2019 - 12 2018- 14 2017- 10 2016 - 14 2015 - 20 with less than 6 meaning someone went to state without winning a match 2019- 3 2018- 3 2017-1 2016- 2 (this is the year Class 1 had a bye) 2015-3 Class 2- brackets with less than 8 Wrestlers 2019 - 9 2018- 7 2017- 12 2016 - 4 2015 - 6 with less than 6 meaning someone went to state without winning a match 2019- 3 (two byes at the state tournament) 2018- 1 2017- Zero 2016- Zero 2015- Zero Class 3 brackets with less than 8 Wrestlers 2019 - Zero 2018- 1 2017- 2 2016 - Zero 2015 - 1 with less than 6 meaning someone went to state without winning a match 2019- Zero 2018- Zero 2017- Zero 2016- Zero 2015- Zero Class 4 brackets with less than 8 Wrestlers 2019 - 1 2018- 1 2017- 1 2016 - Zero 2015 - Zero with less than 6 meaning someone went to state without winning a match 2019- Zero 2018- 1 2017- Zero 2016- Zero 2015- Zero 25 % of all Class 1 District Brackets in the last five years have had less than 8 Wrestlers entered Class one has had more District Brackets with less than 6 wrestlers (12) in the last five years than Class 3 & 4 Combined have Brackets of less than 8 (8). There have been more BYES in Class 1 and Class 2 State Tournament (3) than Weight Classes with less than 6 in Class 3 & 4 combined. I did some figuring with the numbers from this year and with making class 1 70 teams (I am actually thinking 68 maybe better). Class 4 and 3 would be 56 teams and Class 2 59 Teams Class 1 with those 9 teams a +63 and would have a total of 581 for 70 teams Class 2 would lose those 63 wrestlers but gain 75 for a total of 548 for 59 teams Class 3 would lose 75 wrestlers and get 36 wrestlers from Class 4 and would have 613 wrestlers for 56 teams Class 4 would lose 36 wrestlers and have a total of 598 wrestlers for 56 teams. It can be tweeked to where it is 68-61-56-56 or something of that nature. Which would bring the total to something like 561-568-613-598 By your thinking the addition of 40 to 60 wrestlers wrestlers to Class 1(in other words one extra wrestler per weight class in each district) and 15 to 30 wrestlers in Class 2 would cause mass hysteria and cause programs to be dropped? HOW? By doing this and making it fair for ALL wrestlers and teams it can grow wrestling every where. Here is another thing that has not been brought up. Class 1 and Class 2 are more apt to put 1st year Freshman and Sophomore into district lineups than a Class 3 or Class 4 school. I would like to see a count of % of Freshman in lineups for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, & Class 4. Which leads to the point of what @preceptor was speaking about the wrestlers coming into high school and starting wrestling. He is correct. IMHO, Missouri should have a 6-8th grade Middle School Season that either runs in the fall or runs Oct to end of December. Then if the kids want to go USA or AAU so be it. Introduce the sport and grow the numbers. Oh BTW, Girls numbers for this was 524 entered into District Competition which is more than class 1 and close to class 2. Also in Case you were wondering Girls Weight classes with 8 or less = 4 Girls weight Classes with 6 or less = 1 But everybody had to win a match to go to state since they only take 3.
  4. northco

    Mizzou at ASU Friday 2/8

    The fact that Taylor Watkins made it down to 184 after wrestling the whole season at 197 has me a little worried about the future of Wisman this season.
  5. northco

    Girls going to State

    So District Numbers to Chew on Girls District Entries - 524 (This is post scratches) Boys Entries (This is pre-scratch meetings tonight.. so these numbers will be smaller.. usually about 20 smaller) Class 1- 532 (there is a weight that a person will go 0-2 and qualify for state) Class 2 - 560 (and there is going to be a bye at the state tournament) Class 3 - 632 Class 4 - 644 Another point that no one has brought up as well and this might be the most damning. Girls wrestling will be the only individual sport that MSHSAA sponsors that does not offer the same amount qualifiers and placers between girls and boys.
  6. northco

    Girls going to State

    MSHSAA is trying to covering itself in logic that is equivalent to a 80's mesh tank top.
  7. northco

    Girls going to State

    @sidewinder Your math/argument is completely flawed for a few reasons. A) You equally divided the boys into four equal classes. Which we know is not correct. If you took the time to find out how many each team in each class had. Then gave us the numbers. Then your logic would possibly be successful. Also, did you take into account that all the girls are also listed on the boys rosters? B ) The amount of boys entered in district competition would be better metric. As seen in a previous post there was 524 girls entered into districts for only 12 weight classes which if that was spread over 14 weight classes (total would be 611 participants) it would be bigger than class 1 & 2. C) The amount of District entries are probably going to be bigger than Class 1 and pretty close to Class 2 in total numbers. While still only having 12 weight classes. So, I guess by your logic then.. Class 1 & Class 2 should only have 12 qualifiers and 4 placers. D) Your numbers take into account for the JV/Freshman Wrestlers not just the Varsity team entered into districts. . But, actually there is only a finite number of participants than can enter in MSHSAA State Competition. Which is a max of 3416 for all boys (854 per class). using last year's number, the boys only entered 2367 which is an average of 592 per class. That is over 14 weight classes. If you average that over 12 weight classes, it comes out 507 participants. So actually, the girls are equal (actually greater) to the boys in terms of post season entries per class on average. I realize this is because it is one class covering 140ish teams. But that fact is not relevant. The fact is the participation is equal to that of boys in State Competition and as shown above it could easily been done in the state tournament schedule by just using the 8 mats for the girls. That is all it would take. Actually you would probably finish quicker on Thursday using the 8 mats and the doing the three rounds then you would using the 4 mats and two rounds. Here is the thing, They are saying it can't be done...Don't argue. It can be done and it is actually their job to make it so. It wouldn't take much effort at all to make 48 more wrestlers dreams come true the first day to be able to walk out to the Olympic Theme at the beginning of the tournament and another 24 for getting on the medal stand and represent their school and state with pride. It would help build girls wrestling by doing that way. It would probably increase their chance for a college scholarship and it is something they can tell their kids about. Equal opportunity is all that is asked. The logic of "we can't" should never be said. I do realize that maybe MSHSAA didn't think the numbers would be what they were. Fair, that I can completely understand. But now they know and it is time to change the position and take corrective actions. Cause let's face it. It is the right thing to do. Nothing in the time schedule for state has to change and they would actually probably make more money because of it.
  8. northco

    Girls going to State

    I guess they never heard the old adage "Plan for the worst and hope for the best" They only did one. They had 3 months to plan this out and make changes. I did some figuring and the addition of the 4th qualifier and the 5th place match would add 108 matches. They are running the schedule like this https://www.mshsaa.org/cmspages/WRInfoCentral.aspx But a few changes would make it work using the EXACT same time frame. (* = Changes made) Thursday 9:00 AM Class 1 & 2 1st round & 1st Round Wrestlebacks (4 Mats per class) (168 Matches per Class) *2:15 PM Girls 1st round, 1st Round Wrestlebacks, Quarterfinals (All 8 Mats) (144 Matches)* (using 8 mats instead of 4 and three rounds instead of two) 5:15 PM Class 3 & 4 1st round & 1st Round Wrestlebacks (4 Mats per class) (168 Matches per Class) Friday 8:30 AM - Class 1 and Class 2 Quarterfinals and 2nd Round Wrestlebacks (112 Matches Per Class) 12:15 PM- Girls 2nd Round Wrestlebacks (8 Mats) (48 Matches) 1:30 PM- Class 3 & Class 4 Quarterfinals and 2nd Round Wrestlebacks (112 Matches Per Class) 5 PM- Girls Semifinals & 3rd Round Wrestlebacks (4 Mats) (48 Matches) 6PM - All Boys Class Semifinals and 3rd Round Wrestlebacks (56 Matches Per Class) Saturday *8:30 AM Girls Semifinal Wrestlebacks (8 Mats) (24 Matches)* (using 8 mats instead of 4 and 5th place matches included) 9:30 AM All Boys Class Semifinal Wrestlebacks (28 Matches per Class) 11:30 AM Girls 3rd and 5th Place Matches (8 Mats) (24 Matches) Noon- All Boys Class 3rd and 5th Place Matches (28 Matches) 4 PM - Finals (14 per Class, 12 for girls) Don't Tell me it can't be done in the same time span. They would just have to use all the mats. Two small changes in the schedule and you would be able to include them.
  9. northco

    Missouri Kids that Start at Division 1

    Updated Feb 2nd
  10. northco

    Mizzou Redshirt Report

    Updated Feb 4th
  11. northco

    Mizzou Redshirt Report

    Updated Jan 20th
  12. All of Mizzou's starters are currently ranked in the top 20 by Flowrestling. Only one other team (Oklahoma State) Can make this claim. 125 - #18 Colby Smith 133 - #11 John Erneste 141 - #3 Jaydin Eierman 149 - #14 Brock Mauller 157 - #19 Jarrett Jacques 165 - #13 Connor Flynn 174 - #4 Daniel Lewis 184 - #15 Dylan Wisman 197 - #20 Wyatt Koelling 285 - #16 Zach Elam The problem is that the rankings don't translate into many NCAA points. As of now only two of the wrestlers are ranked high enough to garner AA honors and one other in the round of 12. But a bright spot. All return sans one. So those rankings will increase.
  13. northco

    South Beach Duals 29th and 30th

    Yes but the kid Erneste lost to was ranked at one point he beat AA Montorie Bridges and his loses are to Micic, Bravo-Young, DeSanto and Thornton (Whom Erneste has tomorrow). I wouldn't really call him a "Back up" He is legit with a 2x AA on the pine. But that being said... It was bad loss. Koelling on the other hand lost to a back up ... But Lehigh always seems to have depth at upper weights.
  14. northco


    Personally I think the lineup next year is going to be from 149 on up will be 149 - Leeth 157- Mocco 165- Flynn 174- Marriott 184- Wisman 197- Koelling/Rashka 285- Elam Mauller and Jacques redshirting. I think that is a strong lineup. With Colby/Hart/Eierman. Mizzou does have a few people in Severado, Eierman, Elam, and I think Koelling that can take Olympic Redshirts.
  15. northco

    South Beach Duals 29th and 30th

    Mizzou Vs. Lehigh (best Match of the Dual in Bold * = Qualifier, # - AA) When the schedule came out. This dual was the one on the schedule I was most excited about. The complaints last year that Mizzou wrestled a weak schedule were heard and people suggested that was the cause of their poor showing at nationals (6th place.. Wow how far Mizzou has come.) With the edition of CKLV and duals against Top 20 teams like Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Cornell, Northern Iowa and renewed rivalries with Iowa State. The Lehigh Dual stuck out to me. They were going to wrestle 6 of the top 14 schools in duals on their non conference schedule. One of the most storied programs in history. Lehigh ended Cornell's 15 year run as EIWA champions last year. Also, having 3 AA's and a bunch of National qualifiers (11 to be exact) doesn't hurt. At the Beginning of the year Lehigh was thought to be a top 5 to 8 team and could contend for a trophy. The injury bug has killed this team... But they may be getting healthy in time for Mizzou. 125- #14 Colby Smith (6-1)*/Cameroon Valdiviez (8-3)/ Dack Punke (1-3) Vs´╗┐. Nick Farro (2-1)/Connor Schram (0-0)# 133- #9 John Erneste(7-2)*/ Alan Hart (8-3) vs. Brandon Paetzell (3-4)/ Scott Parker (0-0)# 141- #3 Jaydin Eierman (10-1)# vs. Luke Karam (6-1)*/Ryan Pomrice (5-6) 149- #15 Brock Mauller (15-1)/Lane Stigall (5-4)/Alex Butler (8-6) Vs. Jimmy Hoffman (4-6)/Cortlandt Schuyler (4-0)* 157- Jarrett Jacques (13-5)/ Lane Stigall (5-4) vs. #17 Josh Humphreys (6-2)/Ian Brown (0-0)* 165- #13 Connor Flynn (9-3)*/Luke Fortuna (3-7) vs. Gordon Wolf (4-0)*/Cole Walter (1-3)* 174- #4 Daniel Lewis (11-1)# vs. #6 Jordan Kutler (5-2)# 184- Dylan Wisman (10-4)/Canten Marriott (6-3)* vs. #11 Ryan Preach (7-1)*/Chris Weiler (7-4)* 197- Wyatt Koelling (9-6)/Taylor Watkins (13-9) vs. #11 Jake Jakobsen (5-2) 285- #11 Zach Elam (14-2)/Jacob Bohlken (3-1) vs. #7 Jordan Wood (6-1)* 125- Connor Schram is a transfer from Stanford and a 2016 AA. But has yet to wrestle this year. Farro has beaten Christian Moody of OKlahoma. He is a tough out for a backup and a former 133 lbs. I think he beat Valdiviez but not Colby. So I would give this one to Lehigh MIZ - 0 Lehigh - 3 133- Parker is the most underrated 2x AA currently going. He has beaten people like Kaid Brock, Montorie Bridges, Mitch McKee, Scott DelVecchio, Chaz Tucker, Colby Smith, and Josh Alber. He has been around so long he wrestled Alan Waters the last time Mizzou dualed Lehigh. But Parker has yet to wrestle this year and Brandon Paetzell has taken the reigns. Don't let his 3-4 record fool you. His loses are to #11 Austin DeSanto, #17Roman Bravo-Young, #3 Steven Micic, and Ben Thornton and he has a win over AA Montorie Bridges. That being said. I think Erneste or Hart beats him. MIZZ - 3 Lehigh -3 141- Looks like Qualifier Luke Karam is back from injury after winning the Wilkes open on 12/22. Karam has beaten the likes of AA Earl Hall, That being said, This is Jaydin and he wins by at least major but more like fall. Mizzou - 7 Lehigh -3 149- NCAA qualifier Cortlandt Schuyler is back after winning the Wilkes Open on 12/22 (You will see this again.) He is tough and will present probably the 2nd biggest challenge that Mauller has faced so far. That being said. I think Mauller wins. But this match is a toss up. Mizzou - 10 Lehigh - 3 157- Two Freshman go at it. I hate to say it the last in the Father Tolten Trio is probably going to lose. Humphrey is #17 ranked and it is not impossible for Jacques to win. But it is a tall order. Mizzou -13 Lehigh - 6 165- Gordon Wolf is a 2x NCAA qualifier and just recently came back from injury and won the.... you guessed it... Wilkes Open. Winning all matches by TECH. They have wrestled once and Flynn won by Tech at the Edinboro Open in 2017. Cole Walters Qualified two years ago and wrestled Flynn that year and Flynn won by fall. I expect Flynn to win by Major. Mizz - 14 Lehigh - 6 174- Daniel Lewis and Jordan Kutler. They wrestled in the wrestleback semifinals last year. Lewis was ahead when Kutler had to Injury Default. Kutler's two loses this year are to Mark Hall and Myles Amine by the scores of 6-2 and 6-4. Lewis should win this with 3:00 Minutes of Riding time. Because Kutler will choose neutral. I see the score being 5-2. Mizzou - 17 Lehigh -6 184- Ryan Priesch is one of the most self aware wrestlers out there. His Twitter account is hilarious. He makes fun of himself after losing (he retweeted himself losing to Mark Hall after getting cement mixed while leading). He has been on the cusp of being an AA the last two years. A 3x NCAA Qualifier he has beaten the likes of Max Dean, Dominic Abounader, Zack Zavatsky, Myles Amine, Taylor Lujan, Zach Epperly, Ethan Ramos, Shakur Rasheed, and others. This is a litmus test for Wisman (or Marriott). Preisch is dynamic and can score. I have Preisch. Mizzou - 17 Lehigh -9 197- The Freshman Jakobsen is tough and has beaten Noah Adams and Jackson Striggow. This should be a close match that could go either wey. But giving it to Lehigh. Mizzou - 17 Lehigh - 12 285- Coming down to the last Match and what a match it is. Jordan Wood is a STUD. So is Zach Elam. Wood will be going for the pin and not get it. I hope Elam is neutral or on top in the third to ride wood. Cause he will be gunning. I think Wood wins on a dec. 6-3 or 7-4. Final Score Mizzou - 17 Lehigh - 15.