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  1. How does open mat violate during the spring if there is no coaching or instruction just kids working out. How is this any different then opening up the weight room if open to the entire school.
  2. Did Barlow get injured after his sophomore year? He seemed on a path to be a multiple all american!
  3. At some point I will introduce my son into wrestling (who is 4), but would like him to learn how to control his own body before he learns how to control an opponents. Anyone out there have any success with a type of martial arts (Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Karate) that transitioned well into wrestling? Thanks
  4. But, can high a school coach now coach middle school students that our in their own district. For example, a middle school has an AAU after school club that meets after school. Can the high school coach help out?
  5. Can coaches now help run a intramural program at the middle schools that are within the district? I was reading on MSHSAA the following election results. 1. Access to students enrolled in a school district or school system and Undue Influence All Member Schools. Background: Extensive discussions have been held, primarily in the St. Louis area, concerning junior football programs and the relationship that such programs may have with the high schools. The St. Louis Board District is the only area in the state of Missouri where the vast majority of middle schools and junio
  6. What is the position that MSHSAA takes, for this ever happening in Missouri? Or has this ever been brought up?
  7. Just wanted to inquire about head football coaches who also coach wrestling at their school. Seeing how they encourage their football players to participate since so many programs try to specialize in one sport.
  8. I have heard of kids quitting after getting their oil checked by Holts team in the early 2000s... Not sure how you could talk to a kid to keep wrestling after that.
  9. Can you send me some information on your schedule and competitions to my email? I am just now working out the final details with Herbert Hoover Boys Club for next year. We will be practicing at Hazelwood East Middle School, and will be interested in hosting a Middle School tournament. Thanks, Matt Rudd coachmattrudd@gmail.com
  10. sumfalcons Agree with your opinion to a point. Looking at some of the schools in the St. Louis area that are consistently having a low turnout for wrestling have a new coach almost every year or every other. It seems like in this area some AD's do not care who the coach is, and hire someone just out of college who does not work in the building or just part time at the school. Then the next year the coach is gone. I bring this topic up because I think some AD's need to take responsibility for this problem. Hire multiple coaches in your building that are dedicated to helping kids succe
  11. scr, Great news coach, and glad to hear it is working at Moberly. Does your Middle School have to travel far for matches, and does the school provide transportation? I first tried with the administration at our school but they were only really for making it an after school intramural program, but now going through an inner city boys and girls club that works out of the school to sponsor it after school.
  12. Do most of the schools you listed compete with each other, and if so, how does it work (transportation, liability, equipment)?
  13. Schools like the one I coach at where there is a lack of parent involvement it would be beneficial to have middle school programs. Especially in the city. Does MSHSAA sponsor middle school extracurricular activities?
  14. Looking at different wrestling sites I noticed that Illinois has school sponsored middle school wrestling? Are there any schools in Missouri that have Middle School wrestling programs which are part of the schools extracurricular activities?
  15. Thanks for the link, and pretty good looking class. But can't ever recall someone from Iowa ever signing with Missouri under Coach Smith, wonder if it's a first...
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