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  1. You don't think public schools recruit athletes currently?
  2. Comm'on. It's not nerves. These men have wrestled in some of the biggest tournaments, including around the world. A dual at a local high school shouldn't rattle their nerves.
  3. You all also have to factor in how Mizzou, more times than not, over performs during the season and under performs at NCAAs.
  4. *puts on tinfoil hat* Who hired Brian Smith at Mizzou? Who's the current AD at OU? *takes off tinfoil hat*
  5. Does this pertain to wrestling, since we already enter results into track? Last week, MSHSAA officials held their annual media advisory meeting. The lack of scores and schedules was a major talking point due to the frustration of information not being available or inaccurate. MSHSAA, after 90 minutes of heated discussion, will be recommending to its member schools that the posting of scores and schedules be mandatory. According to the recommendation, coaches and schools must have scores posted and updated by the 1st and 15th day of each month. Upon the first violation, M
  6. I know Duke was one of Cole's initial places he wanted to go and allegedly wishes he would have gone there originally. Congrats on this opportunity!
  7. Also, has he bulked up? Seeing pics of Austin's father, I'm betting Austin is on a huge lifting regimen.
  8. I say keep it going. This is way too entertaining.
  9. With Askren's poor Olympic performance, I think J'den will move head and shoulders above Ben after this summer. When it's all said and done, I believe J'den will be Missouri's greatest wrestler, overtaking that title from Sammie Henson.
  10. Please post what you find out. I'd like to hear why he's not at least on the college circuit coaching. He's been an assistant at the college level, but nothing above volunteer except for JUCO.
  11. Not yet 4xer but almost shoo-ins: Brock Mauller and Jarrett Jacques.
  12. I'll go ahead and add Jaydin Eierman's name to the list of wrestlers we are talking about in this topic.
  13. Anyone want to start a list of high school coaches at each school? I noticed they didn't do that in the state book last year.
  14. Does anyone know when this "vote" occurs? Also, any idea if/when we'll know the results?
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