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  1. Congrates to the Mizzou wrestlers and coaching staff on a great season. Only the second time in the programs histroy to have 5 AA's, second time to qualify all ten wrestlers, and second time to win a conference title. Third time to be in the top ten. Finished third at the National duals, believe this was the programs highset finish. Correct me if I am wrong, first time to beat Iowa in a dual. Many, many accomplishments to be proud of as a Missourian. I think everyone can agree the program is going in the direction it needs to be going. I read a quote that I feel is very fitting "If the
  2. Are there any live feed that a person could watch? What time does wrestling start today? Thx for any info you might be able to give.
  3. Geographic areas have always played a part in wrestling. The one thing I seen in the data presented was that from one year to another, there was no clear domiance. 2011 the combinations of points went in order of districts 4, 2, 3, 1. 2012 went 2, 3, 4, 1. 2013 went back to 4, 2, 3, 1. There was no clear dominace other than District 1 is 4th each year. You need to look at the geographics of the area to further understand. This area is much lesser populated. There are not as many schools that have wrestling traditions, or wrestling period, in this area of Missouri. Travel for wrestlling
  4. In that same amount of time, Seneca had 6 top 4 finishes also. 3 of those finishes were in the 1A-2A or Class 2 Division. Richmond was in the same situation, moving up and down a class. They had 5 top 4 finishes, 3 coming when they were in the larger class. Both quality programs over this period.
  5. When did they start randomly drawing wieght classes to pairing formulas. I know in the past, 3-4 yrs ago, they would go in order. Ex, Bracket A 106, 126, 145,170, 220. Bracket B 113, 132, 152, 182, 285. Bracket C 120, 138, 160, 195. Have the went to a random draw of all weight classes
  6. D3 113 lbs Gipson/PB, cert at 106 lbs. He beat Hudgens/ Car in SV in the semi's and beat Osborn/Lat in OT in the finals. Plattsburg's 106 lber, O'Connor, weigh in at about 98 lbs. Very good wrestler, just light, way to light for 113 lbs wt. class at state. Gipson bumped up to give the team a chance for two medalist, quite the sacrifice. Put himself in a pretty good position at the state tournament. Congrates and good luck
  7. I do not think anyone will dispute his decision if he did not think his wrestler was 100%.
  8. Just a conversation. No need to getting snippy about it. I feel he would have also, just want some other opinions.
  9. Yes to which? Wrestle or not wrestle?
  10. Funny, but not an answer. Do you think he would hve wrestled his #1 ranked Hwt or perserved his ranking by not wrestling him?
  11. If the situation was reversed, what do you think John Smith would have done?
  12. I didn't see McDonough duck Megaludis last week, almost cost him a #1 seed. Dont get me wrong, I think Coach Smith is one of the main reasons that Mizzou wrestling is where it is. He has done a tremendous job coaching, recruiting and building a program that we all can be proud of here in Missouri. It was very disappointing to see that decision made. We had the oppotunity to beat the #1 ranked team in the nation, but did not put our best line-up out on the mat to protect a #1 seed. Many in the wrestling community see that as weak, smart or not. If he was hurt or not up to 100% because he w
  13. "Also I only ranked four wrestlers from the same district at a weight so some of the ranking have had kids drop out because of that." Why would you do this? It is not call "Who do you think will place where at state". It is called rankings. If you want to perdict who will place where at state, the start a thread that does that. When is come to rankings, rank the wrestler where they deserve to be. Seem pretty simple to me.
  14. I do not know how rankings are done in college. Do not really take a lot of stock in them except for the value they may have towards their recuiting value, highs school wrestlers look at it alot. I do not know if it has the ability to determine their seed at the national championships, it has been stated that it does. If rankings have this power, which rankings are used? If it does have that abillity, I am not understanding why Morrison is ranked over McCormick. Other than the fact that Morrison won the last match, there is not a lot of validity to the fact that he is ranked ahead of him.
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