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    Next Year

    Do you have some meeting minutes or document to verify this? I see nothing on the MSHSAA website regarding this topic or or on their facebook page. Thanks in advance.
  2. Free Girls Wrestling Clinic Location: Macon Wrestling Room 2005 N. Missouri (Hwy. 63) Macon, MO 63552 When: March 20 and 21, 2017 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. (Check-in time is 5:00 p.m. on both days) Focus: The primary focus of this clinic would be to help prepare the girls who are going to be making the trip to Oklahoma City Folkstyle Nationals, both physically and mentally. However, any girl (K-12) interested in attending this clinic may do so. There will also be a portion to help parents and coaches prepare for the tournament. Requirements: All wrestlers must have th
  3. Here is a summary of the numbers from USA Wrestling's Database regarding girls wrestling. In 2010, we had 132 girls registered. 5 years later, we had 204 girls registered according to the database. So in 5 years there was a 54.5% increase for an average growth rate of about 11% every year. Alaska only has 192 Girls (Registered for USA) as of 2015...they have a girls wrestling division. Tennessee only has 18 Girls registered (They are chiefly an AAU State still from what I have gathered). However, they have a Girls division at the high school level that coincides with the boys seaso
  4. So were all of the other teams in the St. Louis area before they became a varsity sport...that usually takes 2-3 years of continual growth. With the infrastructure already in place, it won't be long.
  5. Did anyone else see the post about another women's collegiate program coming to Missouri? That would be program number 5! Oh wait, there's not enough interest to garner such an endeavor in Missouri...maybe we shouldn't have girls wrestling at the high school level in this state.
  6. I received an email from Tony Black at USA Wrestling in regards to numbers. According to his report, there are 9,765 girls registered during the 2015 season. That is nearly double the amount (77% more) that NCMC estimated. This was also a 1,725 (21.5%) increase from 2014, which had 8,040 girls nation wide in USA Wrestling. So given the higher estimate of dual registered athletes (2000 in both NFHS and USA Wrestling) that would leave us with this number with a national figure: 15,428 + 7,765 = 23,193 girl wrestlers nationwide I did correspond with Mr. Black and he's working on a yearly
  7. How about giving them equal opportunity aka level playing field? I believe there are more than a few federal guidelines about that. One is in the constitution that's been in effect for 150 years (The 14th Amendment). Don't tell me they already have an equal and level playing field because my BS meter would go off.
  8. We've never stated there has to be a MSHSAA championship right away. However, that would be a nice benchmark for the state in the coming years. However, before we reach the benchmark of 50 Varsity teams in the separated regions, we can still have a State Tournament similar to what we have had the past 2 years. It has seemed to workout quite well for all parties involved. According to the NFHS it's roughly 11,496 girls from 38 states that list girls separate from the boys. The 13(Washington D.C. is the extra) states combine the results, so it's nearly impossible to say how many girls
  9. What's interesting is that the coaches who responded in the affirmative for this movement, the overwhelming majority are coming from Class 1 and 2 schools. In fact nearly half of your quota of 50 schools would be class 1 schools. Not the bigger two divisions. Granted those who did respond from Class 3 and 4 projected higher numbers but that's because they have more numbers to draw from in any given year. We have even gone so far as to contact the all-girl schools in the state and several of them would be in support of it. Facility use wouldn't be an issue as they would use the same pract
  10. I know that a coaches' survey and the results of that survey were posted on a different thread recently. Out of the 60+ coaches who replied, over 85% were in support of adding girls wrestling. That being said, if an AD or other admin sees a MSHSAA proposal for a particular sport/activity, wouldn't they be asking the current head coach/sponsor their opinion on the matter before voting? Another question of the survey was asking the coaches how many girls they could realistically recruit. Based on the survey results, the coaches who support this change would be able to gather 250 girls. G
  11. Missouri has no excuse in regards to implementing a girls division at the high school level. We have more in-state collegiate opportunities and plenty of ladies coming up through the MOUSA ranks. Come on now Missouri, are we really going to let Kansas beat us to the punch?
  12. Basic tumbling/gymnastics is a great way to learn how to control his own body. Somersaults, cartwheels, hand stands, etc.
  13. jm125


    Any thoughts on if J-Rob will get fired for this??? He's been a staple in the Big 10 for 30 years.
  14. You are assuming everyone is using logic to make their decisions. Or at the very least logic that makes the most sense to coaches and ADs.
  15. I'm not sure on that. I just know about this one since I was one of the coaches that sent in the document to have it discussed at the wrestling advisory board meeting. Hopefully they will post the meeting minutes soon on the MSHSAA website.
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