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  1. Will this move Whitfield to Class3?
  2. From what I know this is a scheduling issue on both sides. Do you know something different?
  3. If Howell wanted CBC to be in the Thrasher tournament they would have added them. Any other reason besides that is false. Good thing about America if Howell doesn’t want them added to the Thrasher they don’t have to. I respect their right to choose.
  4. I guess the new tournament days rule Is forcing some teams to drop tournaments. The Thrasher is great competition and well ran at a nice venue. I'm surprised there are less teams there than last year. If they are looking for competitive teams CBC will be a nice addition.
  5. drillten


    Did this Pass? If it did pass when does it take effect?
  6. HS - 1 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brooke-Lynn Rush of West 2nd Place - Paige Folkner of East 1st Place Match Brooke-Lynn Rush (West) won by fall over Paige Folkner (East) (Fall 1:20) HS - 2 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Carly Valleroy of East 2nd Place - Belle Harrell of West 1st Place Match Carly Valleroy (East) won by major decision over Belle Harrell (West) (Maj 8-0) HS - 3 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - A.j. Rallo of East 2nd Place - Canon Roark of West 1st Place Match A.j. Rallo (East) won by decision over Canon Roark (West) (Dec 6-0) HS - 4 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jacob Mann of East 2nd Place - Kody Ketchum of West 1st Place Match Jacob Mann (East) won by major decision over Kody Ketchum (West) (Maj 9-1) HS - 5 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Mike Macateer of East 2nd Place - Weston DiBlasi of West 1st Place Match Mike Macateer (East) won by decision over Weston DiBlasi (West) (Dec 7-2) HS - 6 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jarrett Jacques of West 2nd Place - Kellen Ekern of East 1st Place Match Jarrett Jacques (West) won by decision over Kellen Ekern (East) (Dec 2-1) HS - 7 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Zane Reynolds of West 2nd Place - Will Scherer of East 1st Place Match Zane Reynolds (West) won in sudden victory - 1 over Will Scherer (East) (SV-1 4-2) HS - 8 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Vinny Zerban of East 2nd Place - Ethen Miller of West 1st Place Match Vinny Zerban (East) won by major decision over Ethen Miller (West) (Maj 11-0) HS - 9 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Chase Stegall of East 2nd Place - Brett Campbell of West 1st Place Match Chase Stegall (East) won by fall over Brett Campbell (West) (Fall 6:24) HS - 10 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Sam Frankowski of East 2nd Place - Blake Berryman of West 1st Place Match Sam Frankowski (East) won by decision over Blake Berryman (West) (Dec 2-0) HS - 11 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brock Mauller of West 2nd Place - Ben Courtney of East 1st Place Match Brock Mauller (West) won by major decision over Ben Courtney (East) (Maj 20-6) HS - 12 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Max Darrah of East 2nd Place - Brooks Baker of West 1st Place Match Max Darrah (East) won by decision over Brooks Baker (West) (Dec 3-2) HS - 13 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Cael Keck of West 2nd Place - David Cross of East 1st Place Match Cael Keck (West) won by decision over David Cross (East) (Dec 3-0) HS - 14 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Cam Wegener of East 2nd Place - Josh Steele of West 1st Place Match Cam Wegener (East) won by decision over Josh Steele (West) (Dec 3-1) HS - 15 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Terrese Aaron of East 2nd Place - Adrian Hitchcock of West 1st Place Match Terrese Aaron (East) won by decision over Adrian Hitchcock (West) (Dec 9-5) HS - 16 Guaranteed Places 2nd Place - Sean Sax of West 2nd Place - Joshua Saunders of East 1st Place Match HS - 17 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jack Flynn of East 2nd Place - Ashton Sharp of West 1st Place Match Jack Flynn (East) won by disqualification over Ashton Sharp (West) (DQ) HS - 18 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Zach Elam of West 2nd Place - Danny Conley of East 1st Place Match Zach Elam (West) won by decision over Danny Conley (East) (Dec 5-0)
  7. I'm not that smart can you please explain the results below. Tournament Teams Winnentonka Tournament Team Season Team Abbr Count Points 1. Staley, MO Staley, MO (GET) STA 14 429.5 2. Park Hill, MO Park Hill, MO (GET) PH 14 423.5 3. Lafayette (Wildwood), MO Lafayette (Wildwood), MO (GET) LAFW 13 287.5 4. Timberland, MO Timberland, MO (GET) TIM 14 268.5 5. Eureka, MO Eureka, MO (GET) EUR 14 264.5 6. Blue Springs, MO Blue Springs, MO (GET) BS 12 238.5 7. Francis Howell Central, MO Francis Howell Central, MO (GET) FHC 12 203.5 8. Seckman, MO Seckman, MO (GET) SECK 14 195.5 9. Nixa, MO Nixa, MO (GET) NX 11 166.5 10. Liberty, MO Liberty (Liberty), MO (GET) LIB 10 166.0 10. Rockhurst, MO Rockhurst, MO (GET) ROCK 12 166.0 12. Raymore Peculiar, MO Raymore-Peculiar, MO (GET) Class 4 District 4 team results STALEY 14 258.0 2. Park Hill, MO Park Hill, MO (GET) PARKHILL 14 256.0 3. Blue Springs, MO Blue Springs, MO (GET) BLUSPG 14 144.0 4. Rockhurst, MO Rockhurst, MO (GET) ROCKHRST 12 100.0 5. Liberty, MO Liberty (Liberty), MO (GET) LIBERTY 12 96.5 6. Oak Park, MO Oak Park, MO (GET) OAKPARK 13 88.5 7. Liberty North, MO Liberty North, MO (GET) LIBNORTH 12 82.0 8. Fort Osage, MO Fort Osage, MO (GET) FTOSAGEHS 12 81.5 9. North Kansas City, MO North Kansas City, MO (GET) NKC 8 44.0 10. Park Hill South, MO Park Hill South, MO (GET) PARKHISO 10 35.0 11. Raytown, MO Raytown, MO (GET) RAYTOWN 11 33.0 12. Blue Springs South, MO Blue Springs South, MO (GET) Unless I'm mistaken two said wrestlers were eligible to compete in these two tournaments and Staley still won.
  8. Nothing but respect for Seneca. They answered us every round and their finals performance was spectacular!! Congratulations you guys earned it with a great performance!! It sucked to come up short but it was fun to compete with you guys at the state tournament. Have a good offseason. Dustin Darrah
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