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  1. fudge tunnel

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    #facepalm #shakesheadindisbelief
  2. fudge tunnel

    First Rd DQ's

    Missed weigh-ins. Coaches thought it was later in the morning. General question to everyone - what would you do as a parent of one of those kids?
  3. fudge tunnel

    First Rd DQ's

    I can’t imagine the coach has his job after that. Completely inexcusable. If I was a parent, I would have blown a gasket
  4. fudge tunnel

    State brackets

    I agree. We have middle school wrestling in CO, and my son’s team had 50+ kids go out. They ended with a full A, B, & C team (16 weights). It runs concurrently with USA wrestling, so he was getting 7 practices in some weeks. Most of the jr high wrestlers aren’t club members - so while they may not be getting high level coaching, they are getting a feel for the sport and understand what the demands are (before high school). His club state tournament is in a couple of weeks, then the middle school regionals and state are at the end of March. Middle school state is a big deal here Hell, the HS state finals sell out the Pepsi Center
  5. fudge tunnel

    State brackets

    3 classes started in 1984
  6. fudge tunnel

    State brackets

    I remember.....
  7. fudge tunnel

    2019 Kansas City Metro Classic

    How about rotating between local area colleges - KCKCC, JCCC, Avila, UMKC, Rockhurst, William Jewell, etc?
  8. fudge tunnel

    State brackets

    There’s no question the state tournament has been watered down since moving to 4 classes. That’s obvious and apparent. Pretty sure that discussion has been ongoing for the last 13-14 yrs
  9. fudge tunnel

    State brackets

    He was actually 0-8 going into the qualifying tournament. 0-10 now
  10. fudge tunnel


    I would think/hope so. He looked as though he wasn’t pulling much, if any, weight to make 184. I’m thinking he would be stronger at 174. There’s no way Wisman is getting back down there
  11. fudge tunnel


    I agree with the Wisman take....he seems to have really turned a corner and filled into that weight well. It’s too bad for Marriott
  12. fudge tunnel


    How are division 1 starters (who don’t appear to be pulling much, if any, weight) so out of shape? These are men who need to take responsibility for being in competitive shape, but this is also on the coaches for not taking the corrective measures.
  13. fudge tunnel

    2018/2019 Mizzou Recruiting

    Is he projected at 197 or HWT...?
  14. fudge tunnel

    Mizzou vs. Buffalo

    When? And what’s his first name?
  15. fudge tunnel

    Devin Winston De-Commits from North Carolina

    F&M......home of the “Fighting Richard Durso’s”