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  1. fudge tunnel

    Eierman to redshirt next year?

    I would rather see Mauller bump up to 157 than Leeth, he (seemingly) has a bigger frame to do so. Redshirt JJ, move Mocco up to 165 and let Flynn and Kent fight it out over 174 125-141 will occasionally be tough to watch next year....
  2. fudge tunnel

    PDF NCAA Brackets

    Jacques with a 13 seed is absurd. Larry Early, who he beat in the MAC finals, gets the 7th seed. It’s as though the seeding committee didn’t pay attention to some of the conference tournaments. It’s almost inexplicable I don’t have a problem with Eierman getting a 5. I figured he would have gotten the 4, and Alber with the 5. They should meet in the quarters regardless. Outside of these 2, the seeds seem ok
  3. fudge tunnel

    Will Mizzou qualify all 10?

    Probably 50/50 But there’s only a 10% chance of that...
  4. fudge tunnel

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    Against Ruben DeLeon (CSU-B) in the quarterfinals, 2000 NCAA’s. DeLeon ended up a 2x AA (7th in ‘00, 8th in ‘01). Its a shame Hill didn’t stick around college longer. Would loved to have seen him battle with Abas the next couple of years at 125.
  5. fudge tunnel

    Happy to have the forums again

    Where is Fist of Love when you need an appropriately awkward response.....?
  6. fudge tunnel

    RIP Jerry Hamilton (obnoxio)

    “but”, or “butt”....? (in keeping with Obnoxio’s brand of humor)
  7. fudge tunnel

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    My memory sucks....Peck or Sloop?
  8. fudge tunnel

    RIP Jerry Hamilton (obnoxio)

    Those guys always made the “gatherings” at State more enjoyable. The Clown repeatedly screaming “TWO!!!” at the refs at Hooters, and them laughing back, was classic The good old days.... Jerry was far too young to be gone.
  9. fudge tunnel

    Happy to have the forums again

  10. fudge tunnel

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    I would think Shaon would be considered an “80’s” guy. He only wrestled in high school for 7 weeks in the 90’s
  11. fudge tunnel

    Most dominant wrestler by decade

    Just throwing some names out for discussion purposes.... 80’s - Scott Fiedler 90’s - TJ Hill 00’s - Mac Bailey 10’s - J’Den Cox
  12. fudge tunnel

    Anywhere I can view the State Brackets from 1996-2000?

    I think Jonathan posted on here he would be adding a database of all past State results going back to the 70’s I believe he posted that c. 2005
  13. fudge tunnel

    Peak Years on MissouriWrestling Forums?

    I’m guessing from 2004 or so through 2010-ish. Those were the good old days. I DO get a lot of more work done now, however.
  14. fudge tunnel

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    That was all-time greatness during the pinnacle of this message board. The flashing light alert was the best part. Good ol’ Bobby Brewster....
  15. fudge tunnel

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    The level of stupid has hit a new high on here....