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  1. I completely agree. I also want to add to the list: 1. Beth 2. Karen 3. Darla 4. Jezebelle 5. Stevie 6. NC Play-Cuzins
  2. This has literally never happened in the history of the world.
  3. Welcome to the 1st Annual Johnny Vance's "If they had a baby!" Game! Here are the rules.... There are none! Just post a picture of what you think the baby of these two awesome athletes would look like. Remember, this is just a game, so any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidence. The contestants of this year's "If they had a baby!" are: Ryan Skillington and Belle Harrell! Share you guess on what this super athlete baby would look like in the comments below!
  4. Wonderful! We can always use more students majoring in Gender Studies!
  5. Hey, wait a minute? Why is Mac "the Hero of Time" Bailey not on this ranking list? He is on others National Ranking Lists! https://news.theopenmat.com/high-school-wrestling/wrestling-411-usa-high-school-rankings-11-17-08/259
  6. Jesus H Christ. Take a look at this guy!
  7. I don't know if this is true, it's just a rumor so do not take this as Gospel, but word as I hear it is that they have more lax transgender rules in PA as opposed to MO. Personally, I find such rumors distasteful and anyone who spreads them to lack morals.
  8. JohnnyVance

    Cougar Clash

    Ohhh.... THAT kind of Cougar. What a let down. I thought this was a thread about cougars going at it. You know... Nothing better than fired up milfs fighting over young men....
  9. Didn't they close down after losing like 80% of their enrollment by showing how much they hate privileged white males? Long live Melissa Click!
  10. I'm in. I identify as a high school girl and would like to wrestle with these brave frauleins.
  11. Personally, they should kick out all Class 1 and Class 2 schools from wrestling all together. If you want to compete in wrestling, go to a real school. You don't avoid real competition by competing against schools with 8 people in the graduating class. Pathetic.
  12. Carter "Kevin" McCallister This Christmas, while his family is away on a vacation in Paris, France, Carter is training hard for the upcoming State Wrestling Championship. With nothing at all to do while Home Alone, Carter has been eating cheese pizza and watching wrestling classics like "Wrestlers with Filthy Souls", learning how to put his opponents down before you can count to 10. To warm up for his matches, Carter likes to fight off felons that he lures into his house, usually two at a time. After taking them out with special moves he calls the "tarantula" or the "hot iron" Carter will go to the local church and volunteer as a guidance counselor to old folks who are estranged from their families. Wrestlers around the state hope that Carter injures himself applying aftershave so that they won't have to compete against him. Otherwise they are certainly going to fall into one of his numerous wrestling booby traps, ending their hopes of stealing the gold that is destined to be his. Carter "Kevin" McCallister, the 2020 State Champion. PS, I am accepting bets on Mr. McCallister winning state. Don't let anyone tell you that gambling is a bad thing. I don't even have to work anymore, I just make loads of money gambling. Take note kids!
  13. Breaking news! Mac "the Hero of Time" Bailey recently found out that he never actually passed the 12th grade and must return to Oak Park for the 2019-2020 School year in order to graduate! What's even more shocking is that the MSHSAA has reviewed the case and has ruled that Mac IS ELIGIBLE to wrestle this season! While Mac is presently walking around at 160 lbs, in order to give the other wrestlers a chance in Hell of beating him, he promised that he will wrestle at heavyweight and will accept two opponents at the same time while he has one arm tied behind his back. While this demonstrates the generous character the Hero of Time possesses, I still refuse to bet against Mac. Last time he wrestled I ended up winning over $1,500 dollars gambling on him. How could I possibly bet against someone who is able to pin his next opponent yesterday? Mac "the Hero of Time" Bailey, the greatest wrestler in the history of Missouri Wrestling.
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