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  1. old


    I like Missouri Wrestling BUT rokfin has a ton of political ads. I do not pay to see politics !
  2. old

    J'den at Final X

    Well she was a Quaker. They did not believe in slavery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. old

    J'den at Final X

    Well they just declared Betsy Ross a racist !!!!!
  4. old

    J'den at Final X

    They disrespect law enforcement and the military. No matter what they do I'll never buy Nike again.
  5. old

    J'den at Final X

    I would like to buy a shirt BUT I will never wear nike.
  6. old

    J'den at Final X

    J Den mentioned getting his new shirt to support him at worlds. How do you buy one ?
  7. old

    Mike Eierman

    You sir, are an IDIOT;-) Do you always call names ? How old are you ? I am a big fan of Mike Eierman, but this should be a place to talk without name calling.
  8. old

    Mike Eierman

    How can i be an idiot if you dont know what i was talking about. ? Joey always gave thanks in the same way all the Penn State guys I saw interviewed did. I guess it's not PC but it was nice to see god get the credit.
  9. old

    Mike Eierman

    One last thing the man Mizzou thanked in after match interviews was much different than the man Penn State thanked in the interviews i saw. Maybe Joey Lavalle could lend some advise.
  10. old

    Mike Eierman

    I see both sides , i have read everything posted. That said if i had a young son i would want him to grow up wrestling for Mike. Nothing just about winning butl about having fun and loving the sport.
  11. old

    MAC Championships

    Nothing is free ! Do you work for free ? Do you expect others to work for free ?
  12. old

    Mike Eierman

    I knew that. I just wanted to see if wrestlingfan6 would try to make up some history.
  13. old

    Mike Eierman

    You could be correct. No reason to call names . Are you saying Ben didn't have the funk until he met Mike ? Give us the history it would be interesting to know.
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