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    New Programs

    Ok, From what I have been following Cassville Macon Southern Boone Palmyra Will all be adding Have heard South Callaway may be in to the mix next season as well. Anyone else? Anyone dropping?
  2. Especially when Track is only $50 a year for stats and we have to be on Track anyway.
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    No Mexico was cancelled early Friday afternoon.
  4. who was going to be at this tournament?
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    Thanks for the great information. We have already gotten approval from the AD and Superintentent to move forward. Just looking for ideas such as these to be totally prepared when we launch. Really looking for a way to keep our fan base informed and reach out to our alums. Thanks Again and keep the suggestions coming. Sam
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    Looking for some information from the wrestling community. How many of you out there have a Twitter account set up for your High School wrestling team? If so does it run through the school? and who post information? Is it beneficial? Thanks
  7. basketball uses enrollment breaks to determine class. Wrestling divides classes equally so participating schools drive the classes not the population.
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    As finances from schools becomes tighter for all of us, I was currious what some of you do for fundraisers. Looking for something different and efficent. Thanks
  9. Coaching a program that has Middle School wrestling it is very benificial. (Moberly) The program is just like any other school sport. We schedule meets and tournaments. Our kids get between 16 and 20 matches in the season and are done by Christmas. As a school sponsored sport insurance and travel as weill as uniforms are the responibilty of the school. The major advantages is that it provides a low/no cost alternative to little league. They practice 5 days a week. Really helps build numbers and team depth at the HS level. Our top end young kids are kids club products but the bulk o
  10. have existing schools looking for new schools that may adjust the numbers as well as schools dropping, those projections were based on current teams the addition or substraction of 1 or 2 schools can effect people sitting on the bubble of classes.
  11. Anyone out there know what schools are/might be adding wrestling for the next cycle as well as any programs that are being dropped. I know that Eldon is most likely going to add for the next cycle, but what other changes are coming. As every coach is trying to determine district assignments ahead of MSHSAA's release date for scheduling purposes. INFORMATION IS THE KEY TO THIS PROCESS. Thanks Sam
  12. We are due for new singlets this upcoming season, have always bought Brute singlets but in the idea of fair competetion what does everyone thing of the two. Strengths and Weaknesses Comments on Dark Colors especially appreciated
  13. Tonight at 7pm at Mexico High School. There are defintely some interesting weights to be seeded.
  14. Fulton, Moberly, Winfield, Clayton, Priory, Boonville, Marshall, Pleasant Hill, KC Center, Brentwood, Lutheran-St Charles, Osage Wrestling is scheduled to start about 9am
  15. scr

    Skin Rash Forms

    this ruling also prohibits Nurse Practioners. This ruling was set out to find a level of consistency state wide, and allow those that deal with illness to deal with illness (my words).
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