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  1. There's a new place next to the movie theater that has good wings.
  2. Due to bad weather Carrollton Tournament and Carrollton Junior High Tournament have been canceled.
  3. Due to bad weather Carrollton Tournament has been canceled.
  4. Congrats Skout gonna miss seeing you on the mats next year. Good luck in the future. Coach Manning
  5. Congrats to Jerin Hudgens on his 100th win Saturday at districts.
  6. Congrats to Quintin Lewis for picking up his 100th win Saturday at Richmond Tourney.
  7. Could we get some results from the Mid-Buch tournament?
  8. Would be nice to see some results from that tourny.
  9. 106 1st-Derek Kincaid-Platte County JV 2nd-Hunter Dalinghaus-Lathrop 3rd-Cody Graven-Maysville 113 1st-Caleb Osborn-Lathrop 2nd-Jerin Hudgens-Carrollton 3rd-Marshall Wilson-Warsaw 120 1st-Jacob O'Neal-Carrollton 2nd-Jake Brock-Lathrop 3rd-Jacob Marquardt-Platte County JV 126 1st-Trey Dockery-Platte County JV 2nd-Reid Steiner-Maysville 3rd-Cody Kistner-Lathrop 132 1st-Avery Stebbins-Warsaw 2nd-Max Sheve-Wentworth 3rd-Devan Lovell-Butler 138 1st-Tyler Mann-Lathrop 2nd-Austin Larsen-Warsaw 3rd-Aaron Sims-Marshall 145 1st-Josh Frank-Carrollton 2n
  10. Lathrop-204 Warsaw-194 Carrollton-182 Marshall-168 Platte County JV-159 Maysville-80 Butler-68 Wentworth-65 Gallatin-60.50 Carrollton JV-47
  11. Would like to add another team or so to our line-up let me know if you would be interested. coachmanning63@yahoo.com.
  12. Would like to say congrats to Jacob O'Neal for getting win number 100 at State and congrats to Quintin Lewis for winning a state title. Carrolltons first state champ since 1995. Coach Manning
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