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  1. Anyone have or know where I can find the pool breakdowns, start times etc?
  2. Jonathon, Thanks for all you do! I always appreciate this site the most during State tournament time. You make it so easy for us to be fans. The links to the livestreaming are working flawlessly!
  3. You have it all wrong...it's $8 soda and $6 hot dogs Once ina lifetime to watch your flesh and blood do battle with Missouri's best...PRICELESS
  4. 106 McNeal Waynes Hosford PH Reisenbichler Jack Kline C.Hick 113 Basler Seck Hayes PH C. Howard Jeff City Johnson Waynes 120 Richter Timb Eveler LSW Wallace Waynes Erneste PH 126 Smith RockB Velliquette Nixa Johnson Waynes Seiler Eureka 132 Wingbermuehle Seck Carpenter PHS Krischke FZW Marriott PH 138 Olejnik Lafay Crane RockB Flynn FH Lewis Bl Sp 145 Krabbe Mehlv Shea Hickman Ream Holt Lapaglia Bl Sp 152 Korenak Lind Salas Bl Sp Hawk Waynes Diblasi PH 160 Cheek Seck Daniels Rock Gra
  5. +1 Jonathan. Link to the third period:
  6. Congrats Ryan! looking forward to seeing him lace 'em up.
  7. I think you're probably correct in that I should let it go. The flu is going around, so probably had a lineup of sick kids. Link to the results: http://www.missouriwrestling.com/missouri-wrestling-dual-results.php?recordID=35192
  8. Believe me, if I was King of WHS scheduling for a day they would not be on our schedule. The match ups are low risk for both teams in terms of different class/district/rankings etc. Why not let your kids have an opportunity to measure themselves against some salty competition. Might even catch a better careless wrestler and in turn build some confidence for your young inexperienced kid...stranger thing have happened. Hard for me understand becasue I have never been around a wrestling program where the philsophy is to protect wrestlers from perceived competition. I guess I'm getting old and tha
  9. Cl 3 Helias came to town on Senior Night with 4 opens in their Varsity lineup. Four opens in a Cl 3 lineup is kind of shocking...isn't it? It is really shocking when Helais had enough wrestlers to compete in ~8 exhibition matches and a full JV competition. We are talking about a WHS varsity team that features 5-6 Frosh. C'mon man!!
  10. Waters Vs Garrett link for FLO: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/250051-Wrestling-in-Madison-Square-Garden/video/671073-125-lbs-match-Alan-Waters-Missouri-vs-Nahshon-Garrett-Cornell
  11. No doubt...That's an impressive two weeks.
  12. I nominate Jacob Semple (HWT) from Waynesville for his performance in the KC Stampede where he pinned his way to the finals in a very tough field. Unfortunately the finals didn't go his way as he lost in OT to the defending Oklahoma State Champ. Jacob has 20 wins so far this season with 16 of those wins coming by Pin.
  13. More primer... http://www.stltoday.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/kc-stampede-highlights-a-busy-weekend-for-area-squads/________19aacada-455e-11e2-b6f0-0019bb30f31a.html
  14. It's a true story, In the past USAW-KS would "help" their SENIOR wrestlers who QUALIFIED to wrestle the NHSCA aka Senior Nationals at VA Beach, VA.
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