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  1. Bearcat 90

    looking for Mickey Stewart

    I can help you reach Mickey. email me at jkmiddle@juno.com Mickey and I are good friends, Jerry Middleton
  2. Bearcat 90

    Get rid of the hair nets for the girls

    The real answer to your question is easy. MO is a NFHSAA compliant state, and the HS rules currently do not allow hair or facial hair in the manner you asked about.
  3. Bearcat 90

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Tanya, my apologies for not answering your original question, which is a good question. We now have some newer fans to the sport, because of a daughter who is wrestling. I heard several questions asked this year, but only because they do not have previous experience in our sport, and that is good. A fall is a judgement call, and in high school, the rules do not allow a coach to question judgement calls. I suppose you could question an official, if your question was you called a "Touch" fall which is a freestyle call, and did not use the 2 second count. That MIGHT be an argument a coach could ask. Second, in college we do have video review, but a fall is the only call that is not review-able. In high school and college the assistant official can help in a nearfall count, if they are in a better position to see that than the inside official. Hope this helps.
  4. Bearcat 90

    State Championship Missouri Girls

    Overall I thought the Girls State was a huge success. Being on the floor all weekend, I witnesses lots of smiles, as well as happy and sad girls with the girls, which strangely enough was the same for the boys. Sidewinder and 3MJ, your comments were not only spot on, but very insightful. You both gave a very fair appraisal of those situations. Tanya, I have been an official for over 40 years, and I wish I had a dollar for every wrestler who said they were not pinned. Not saying I never made a wrong fall call, but of all the calls we make, it is usually an easy call. Hoping your daughter will be back if her grade level allows. I also hope wrestling allowed your daughter to have an educational experience that wrestling was able to provide. Last, on what I believe to be a humorous note, one time a wrestler told me they weren't pinned, and I replied, "If you look in the paper tomorrow, I'm pretty sure it is going to say you were pinned", only difference is today they would be looking online. Jerry Middleton
  5. mshsaaref, would you please drop me an email jkmiddle@juno.com I would appreciate it. Jerry Middleton
  6. Bearcat 90

    Room ?

    Contact Jerry Middleton with Resilite here in MO. He can talk Resilite underlay, and also a couple other schools that are currently constructing rooms and their choice on underlay etc. jkmiddle@juno.com
  7. Bearcat 90

    Park Hill or CBC? West or East?

    mshsaaref, I would encourage you not to be posting on this thread regarding how you feel teams might be doing at state, commenting about individuals at certains schools, draws kids have at state etc, and also about wealthy alums etc. I feel as officials we should not be involved in those conversations. I just don't see any benefit to you being involved on this thread, and those comments. Generic commentary about wrestling in general is ok, but I would encourage you to avoid being specific. My opinion for what it's worth. Feel free to contact me if you feel different, but for many years our policy has been to avoid any social media interaction, regarding our sport. Jerry Middleton
  8. Bearcat 90

    Nick Rallo

    Thank you Jonathan for posting about Nick Rallo. Nick was a long time advocate for wrestling in the St Louis area. Our families became forever connected about 35 years ago when Nick and I worked as officials at the state tournament. When our sons both won state titles the same evening several years later, it was a great night. Nick will always have a place in my heart, and his passion for our great sport was obvious. I will miss my friend. Prayers to the family, and hope to see some of you soon. Jerry Middleton
  9. Bearcat 90

    152 Class 3 District 3

    FYI, there is no second flagrant misconduct. One and you are out for the event, and miss your next event. A 4th penalty will disqualify a wrestler from a match, but they continue wrestling in the tournament. It is just a loss. I believe the penalty was for unsportsmanlike conduct, which is not an ejection. Continuing acts of unsportsmanlike conduct can be construed as flagrant misconduct, depending on the officials judgement in the situation.