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  1. Time change was due to the Undefeated Womens Volleyball team hosting a first round tournament match at 7:00 pm Friday. Hoping that some Volleyball fans come watch wrestling and vice versa
  2. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and decided to not go back for his last year of eligibility. He has been living and working in the St Louis area. I heard a rumor that he may go back to SIU-Edwardsville for the second semester and finish out his eligibility there.
  3. Been here since 9 am and have wrestled twice at 3:45. Going to be a long one folks!
  4. From memory 1. Tyler McCormick VS. Tony DeAngelo (Tyler mcCormick won decision) 2. Nathan McCormick VS. Austin Roper (Roper out Wilson in. Nate won decision. Definitely a big weight advantage) 3. Dom Bradley VS. Justin (the Dom Kryptonite)Heberlie (Dom won with a late takedown) 4. Nick Marable VS. Johnny Eblen (Eblen won on Public Opinion after a tied match) 5. Andrew Sherry VS. Kyle Bradley (Bradley won by major) 6. Brooks Travis VS. Boomer Boyd (Boomer out Cole Baumgartner in and won a close match) 7. Brandon Wiest VS. Trevor Wiest (Trevor is banged up so no match) 8.
  5. I was concerned there for awhile that Kyle would have Chandler but now he gets to go beat on Alvarez instead. I also heard that Tyron Woodley was in training camp for a fight and Askren is preparing for his wrestling match
  6. How about some High School coaches that are Alums wrestling current wrestlers? Cody Green VS. Blake Pepper Jason Moore VS. Jordan Gagliano Danny Hayes VS. Drake Houdashelt Steve Cross VS. Kyle Bradley
  7. Preview of the October 26th Alumni/Black-Gold dual. The match will be at 1:00 pm in the Hearnes Arena followed by a pig roast/Bar-B-Q on the indoor Hearnes track. The tentative line-up: 1. Tyler McCormick VS. Tony DeAngelo 2. Nathan McCormick VS. Austin Roper 3. Dom Bradley VS. Justin (the Dom Kryptonite)Heberlie 4. Nick Marable VS. Johnny Eblen 5. Andrew Sherry VS. Kyle Bradley 6. Brooks Travis VS. Boomer Boyd 7. Brandon Wiest VS. Trevor Wiest 8. Dorian Henderson VS. Mike England 9. Mike Larson VS. Devon Mellon 10. Armond Prater VS. Zach Toal 11. Patrick Wright VS
  8. I think Sammie and Nick Marable will be with Coach Smith. It's a great chance to get information about the Team first hand from the people closest to the program!
  9. Tiger Wrestling Fans, Please join me for a Mizzou Wrestling gathering at Culpepper’s on September 18th from 6pm to 9pm. I will speak about the program, the current team, the schedule and answer any questions. If you plan on joining me and some of my coaches please rsvp me. Culpepper’s 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 636-916-3105 Thanks for all your support, Brian Smith Head Wrestling Coach University of Missouri (573) 882-0735
  10. 125-Synon Fr (World Team trials qualifier 2013. Boomer Boyd has experience in the line-up)) 133-Manley Fr (you also have several other tough young guys here. Is Wilson making the cut?) 141-Wiest Jr (Wrestled 149-157 in the past. Spent the summer working down to weight Heard he is wrestling well) Jauch So (got valuable experience last year and is improving. Learning how to wrestle in College) 149-Houdashelt Jr (Returning AA) 157-Bradley Sr (Three time qualifier) 165-Toal Sr (Three time qualifier) 174-Johnston So (England has DI experience, Johnston and Gagliano had some
  11. So that would make Manley a "Bull"head "Catfish"
  12. IN AN EFFORT TO SHOW SOLIDARITY The fashion coordinators (Momma Mac, Momma B, and Denise Smith) ASKED ME TO SHARE the colors Tiger Fans will be wearing: "I’m looking forward to sharing an exciting weekend with those of you coming to Des Moines for the 2013 NCAA Championships! To show our colors we would like to encourage everyone to wear Black shirts on Thursday, Grey shirts on Friday and Gold shirts on Saturday." Now that's TIGERSTYLE!!!!
  13. Nice first round by the Tigers! All 10 Tigers advance to the Semi's
  14. I'm really Happy for the Team and Coaches!!!! Now they need to come home and heal up for the MAC tournament and keep the momentum going! MIZ-
  15. "Chicks dig scars, and Glory last forever!" Actually just got word from my wife that the Doc will have to Stitch him up after the dual. And it looks bad!
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