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  1. If you wait until Feb 22, I know where you can get state rankings for free.
  2. Yesterday he was listed on flowarena under missouri and in the brackets as well. But today he is gone. Not sure what happened or for that matter, what his status is in high school.
  3. What's up with that? did he enroll early or did they change the rules to allow high school wrestlers?
  4. individual https://www.mshsaa.org/Activities/IndividualChampions.aspx?alg=64 team https://www.mshsaa.org/Activities/StateChampionships.aspx?alg=64
  5. has this ever happened before?
  6. TBF KC teams have hardly ever participated in any STL tournaments. To my knowledge, PH has never done any STL tournaments. Meanwhile, Winnetonka has seen its fair share of top tier STL teams over the years.
  7. http://www.mshsaa.org/resources/pdf/State Championship Histories by Sport.pdf
  8. If you've never heard of them, how can you be so adamant that they aren't on the same level as Teague? This thread is an exercise in stupidity.
  9. Hate is a pretty strong word. That implication, quite frankly, is nonsense. This is a spirited discussion, which used to be acceptable in society, especially on message boards. Now everyone gets their feelings hurt so easily. But just to be clear, TinyTim did acknowledge Teague in respectable way with "im not taking anything away from him just not in same league as Miller or Zerban". On the other hand, Wrestling2018, has yet to make any similar statements about Miller or Zerban. If you find these comments so negative, maybe it's you that should leave the website, instead of forcing everyone el
  10. I say boy. You're trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I say froghorn leghorn. I say boy, You're trying to turn a bull into a bull frog. I say boy.
  11. I say boy. You need to learn the difference between "than" and "then." Dat don't make no sense atall. Its like your trying to get all of us to think that dog over yonder is a chicken hawk. I say boy. Go see what the hen is doing up on the barn.
  12. lashotgun

    NCAA's day 3

    Actually this is the closest MACTRUCK has come to using proper English. This is leaps and bounds above every post he has ever made. It only took me three times to read it to figure out what he was saying, which is: My boy good. You bad.
  13. You're right. We should be comparing Johnson to another guy who was a mere one time Ironman champion, who won 126 the year before Lee. That's man name: Tariq Wilson.
  14. Can add one more to this list. Valdiviez gets in as Nebraska guy misses weight.
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