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  1. Great dual tonight with Howell and Lafayette...final score was 33-23 Lafayette.
  2. Congrats to the Lancers for a great run in the 31 team event. The boys are getting better in every match and it shows. The Lancers are going to have a great end of the season this year from all of that hard off-season work starting to pay off! Duals are for show and tournaments are to GO! Lafayette stood atop the team standings with 221 points followed by Eureka (162.5), Seckman (161.5), Parkway South (158.5) and McCluer North (152). Brock W from Seckman was the first 4-timer in the tourn history.... http://www.stltoday.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/seckman-senior-na
  3. As we get to the intense part of the year I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the unusual wrestling styles that we have all seen out there. When I was wrestling I went against a guy that would get into a staggered low stance and hop up and down like a frog only he would gallop with one leg landing or the other. He would land and then shoot sometimes....it was wild. It took me the entire first period to time him. I waited until he jumped and then shot when he was in mid-air. He almost jumped over top of my shot but I caught his back leg and got the TD...he was not so stra
  4. Wrestling starts at 12 noon with pool play all day tomorrow. Last pool round Friday am. 1pm tournament 8 man championship 8 man consolation 4 man loser bracket
  5. rhino missed about 20 expenses ideally clubs make money by paying facility and refs and awards but here ae a few more expenses that large tournaments need cops,trainers, some paid tableworkers as fundraisers for other wrestling clubs(i heard 15 tables were (rented out) in this event due to the manpower necessary, mat rental and transportion fees(25 mats don't just magically appear and it takes a semi to move them),food for refs and workers, score clock rental, supplies like blood cleaners mat cleaners, mat tape(prob 300 alone), and I'm sure many many more items. It is for the kids but
  6. predicting the future Not saying I'm a fortune teller but here is what I predicted... 1. Seckman-8-9 qualifiers 7-but they lost one kid to school issues 2. Jackson 8 qualifiers 8- money baby 3. Lafayette-8 qualifiers 7- short by one 4. Northwest-6 qualifiers 6- cha ching 5. Marquette-5-6 qualifiers 6- now I'm rockin 6. Eureka-5 qualifiers 3-a little off but had some injuries Won't quit the day job yet but not bad. grapplemonster has a crystal ball...anyone want state predictions?
  7. tough to call I agree that MHS is much improved this year. Here is my prediction 1. Seckman-8-9 qualifiers 2. Jackson 8 qualifiers 3. Lafayette-8 qualifiers 4. Northwest-6 qualifiers 5. Marquette-5-6 qualifiers 6. Eureka-5 qualifiers Just my hunch although Marquette always wrestles great at districts! Hovis has those boys on the right track this year after a dissappointing year last season. They should also have had two kids in there that would make a difference namely Damon Washington 112-shool issues and Wyatt Miller moved to FHC last year and was a state qualifier
  8. lindbergh At the lindbergh meet and he walked out and injury defaulted the match.
  9. bags Bags will be fine as long as they get checked...this is a wrestling event and they know it!!
  10. MO AAU STATE will be held at the Chaifetz Arena and will have a f/s and a "varsity" wrestler division. The weights will be the same as the high school weights. The tournament will ne held on February 27th. Go to http://www.moaaustate.com to register.
  11. Missouri AAU State Tournament http://www.moaaustate.com To all wrestling fans: It is my pleasure to announce the this year’s MO AAU State Tournament will be held at the Chaifetz Arena. I would like to thank all who helped search for a new venue along with the Chaifetz team for making this possible. This tournament hosts both a high school and youth division on February 27, 2011 The Chaifetz Arena is conveniently located in St. Louis’s historic Midtown district, just minutes from downtown, on the northwest corner of Compton Ave and Forest Park Parkway/ Market St. It is
  12. What are the biggest state upsets of all-time? Steve Smith (like 20-16) a 1 year wrestler for Marquette beat Clint Calton (42-0) Blue Springs The kid that beat Ethan Kyle his senior year...that was an upset.
  13. 152 hagn e bye tatum k julius oak dombek v adams k morgan jax ewersmann fx king nw lopez sluh clutter laf cunningaham ps tulley mq jones mehl bye matt sec 160 noland nw bye vitale fx griess li dondzilla vi brown oak conn mq kirhdoerfer jax perry laf bye munganast sluh hollin ps glore sec brown e bye brownlee k
  14. 130 Olejnik LA bye Delph jax swanger sluh butz lin terrell eur naes sec vaughn fox angelbeck nw bye casavar ps thompson k coleman mq smith v bye carrigan oak 135 Black Laf bye o'neil mehl roby southards nw menz fox Perla mq brown ps hazelwood jax kendall li greenlaw kirk whitney sluh jackson oak lux v bye fenstermaker 140 slyman li bye woodard ps dillard mq Hentz anderson proctor kirk sykes f Dantor sluh hoebeck jax bye gentry e kelley
  15. 103 kraus sec bye diamond mehl dyturzo v droege la bye bye wandersee ps seiler bye lorenz oak ratteree li boyer nw gellner mq bye byrd jax 112 jones laf bye suda oak littman e brockman mehl owens v huth ps byrd nw stinebrook li bye robbins k farrell sec schodroski fx stumpf mq bye reisenbichler jax 119 Hanau v bye Dang sluh Deposki li wrockledge laf bye bye Rayburn jax suedmeyer fx bye gaash e Kabak mq Starkey NW McKenzie K
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