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  1. Since they released the new classes and districts for football and basketball the other day does anyone have any insight for changes in wrestling? Just curious if anyone would be moving up or down and how it would effect districts.
  2. Definitely agree...Ethan Karsten! True Warrior!!!
  3. Anyone know why Dan Filipek is not wrestling??? Hope nothing happened to him right before districts. Love watching him wrestle and was hoping to see him in the finals again!
  4. Here are the ranked wrestlers at each weight class in District 3. Feel free to add who you think will be the Top 4 this weekend. 195 looks to be the toughest weight class in the district. 106: 2. Dalton Kivett – Neosho 5. Dalen Moore - Carthage 113: 4. Jakob Gerow – McDonald County 5. Trenton Young – Neosho 6. Cody Hey – Washington 120: 2. Coleman Brainard – Rolla 5. Alex Garrett – Willard 6. Daniel DeSantiago – McDonald County 126: 2. Tristan Barr – Rolla 5. Johnathan Williams – Neosho 8. Dakota Bronson – Webb City 132: 3. Gannon Millard – Ne
  5. Noblitt from Republic is done for the season.
  6. This was on there Facebook page: [MEDIA=facebook]10153329361211488[/MEDIA]
  7. Cody Sandridge, Republic signed with Pacific University on Friday. http://www.republictigersports.com/2015/04/sandridge-to-continue-career-at-pacific-university/
  8. Just curious who's going to the REAL March Madness!
  9. Cody Sandridge hit 100 wins also.
  10. I think this story sums it all up! Congrats Christian on an outstanding season and career! http://nateatkins.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/before-this-story-slips-away/
  11. Just go to trackwrestling and the full brackets are posted. Also the formula changes each year, so it won't do you any good to save it.
  12. Looks like some battles in almost every round. Good luck to all! http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=58355009
  13. What I'm surprised at is all the byes, especially in Class 4. I can't believe there are so many this year. If you look at some of the Class 1 brackets some kids have a bye all the way to the semi-finals. I agree...let's go back to a 3 class system and make it worth something instead giving everyone a participation ribbon, which means this year the ability to call yourself a state qualifier! JMO
  14. You can link directly to each tournament!!! All you have to do is go into the tournament itself and click on the link that says information and then direct link, then copy and paste that link into your thread. Hope this helps!!!
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