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  1. Azevedo having to come home after senior nationals and telling his wife he lost to a high schooler at Senior level Nationals or All of your buddies come to watch your high school meet, and a girl tech pins you?
  2. Is the last 30 second period on their feet, and how do you declare the offensive wrestler the winner????
  3. I heard Woodrow Harris will be wrestling next year for MOBAP?
  4. Mike Bloss by pin over lococco.. by pin. if mike could not beat him on his feet, he would end up spladling him on there feet. had the best one i have ever seen.
  5. Missouri Baptist results: Chas Skelly: all american (7th/8th) Nigel Kinsworthy: all american ( 5th/6th)
  6. Missouri Baptist Results: Mike Aitch(kirkwood) - out John Wilcox - won by fall against #1 ranked guy in the country first round Jared Bonnell(farmington) - lost first round Nigel Kinsworthy(st charles west)- won by pin Cody Rouse- lost first round Chas Skelly- won by fall; beat #7 ranked guy in the nation
  7. I thought she did a great job on representing St. Clair on the podium. I thought what she was wearing was the St. Clair warmups. But it sounds like it was not the warmups from earlier posts. Anyways, I could definately tell where she was from.
  8. Was it just me or was the attendance down this year at state.. i dont know ive been away for awile visiting pound town
  9. how about tournaments on the eastern side of Missouri.. __________________________ the western part of the state is to far away from pound town.
  10. Please post of schools that will be hosting Freestyle and Greco Tournaments this spring.
  11. so what was the real reasoning for mshsaa to go to 4 classes?
  12. Eric Luebbe, 4x qualifier.. believe he was 0-8 at state... Kickapoo
  13. Wrestlers on feet Cody "speedy" Greene has my vote
  14. Last i heard Mike quit or was out due to grades. Anyone have any info?
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