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  1. This is going to be the toughest weight at the state tournament but with Berry getting beat it needs to be reworked? How do you do it? 120- 1. Kyran Hagan, Eureka 2nd 2. Josiah Kline, Rock Bridge 5th-1st 3. Ethan Koan, Park Hill 3rd-DNW-4th 4. Clayton Berry, Holt 5th 5. Charles McNeal, Christian Brothers SQ-6th 6. Cameron Valdivez, Rockhurst SQ 7. Zach Durbin, Seckman 8. David Berryman, Staley 2nd wheres Tyler fit in: Tyler Stegall (Northwest (Cedar Hill)) 39-5; does Berry move out?
  2. 1st Place Match Tyler Stegall (Northwest (Cedar Hill)) 39-5, So. over Clayton Berry (Holt) 37-5, So. (Dec 6-4). 3rd Place Match
  3. 1st Place Match Michael Aldrich (Parkway South) 43-0, Sr. over DUSTIN GRAY (Timberland) 35-2, Sr. (Dec 7-5). 3rd Place Match
  4. I think MU will win at 7 or 8 weight classes... with a sweep being possible....just my loyal tiger opinion.... the 3 in jeopardy 133, 174, 285.
  5. or at least that was my response to Mr. Lee from Wisconsin... back in the day 1988
  6. Quit whining and learn Counter Here you go-> defensive wrestler turn palm up and pull your elbow to chest...or run for the edge:)
  7. I wonder why 2 guys are called by their first name and the others using their Last? must be fans!
  8. I wonder what it will bring on EBAY
  9. I finally found out why waters has been out of the lineup..........you ready? Henson has had him in a cage in his basement.......Now they are getting ready to release the beast!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready Okies.......
  10. i call that a smart-ass-ism
  11. It has been brought to my attention that one of the GAC schools reported to the ___________ that one of the other wrestling program is too PHYSICAL? REALLY............. I wish my kids were more physical? Come on people......
  12. Missouri had an outstanding performance in the Southern Scuffle ! 133 McCormick rating minus 1, he was the 2 seed roared back and took 3rd....probably had a phone call from New York that straightened him out....come on Chris that's funny! 141 Hucke- no rating injured defaulted out 149 Houdashelt- plus 2, took 4th seeded 6th...just needed some home cooking over the holidays .....to get him going 157 Bradley - plus 2 , took 4th seeded 6th .....great day!!! 165 Toal - plus 1, six seed took 5th, he gives the top dogs great matches 174 Porter- plus 3, 8 seed placed 5th...he may get mo
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