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  1. Weight Name Team Ranking 125 Dylan Peters Northern Iowa 3 125 Darian Cruz Lehigh 6 125 Barlow McGhee Missouri 7 125 Sean Russell Edinboro 10 125 Jack Mueller Virginia 11 125 Nick Piccininni Oklahoma State 12 125 Nathan Kraisser Campbell 13 125 Vito Pasone App. State 19 Weight Name Team Ranking 133 Kaid Brock Oklahoma State 5 133 Jaydin Eierman Missouri 9 133 Scott Parker Lehigh 12 133 Kevin Devoy Jr. Drexel 13 133 Connor Schram Stanford 15 133 Josh Alber Northern Iowa 16 133 Mark Grey Cornell 17 133 Mitchell McKee Minnesota 18 133 Caleb Richardson Penn 19
  2. I disagree. At 49, he has Sorenson and Retherford. He's not beating Retherford and will struggle against Sorenson. At 57 he has Nolf and Zeke Jordan. While I think it's equally as tough and out of the 4 he may have the best luck against Sorenson, I also think the field is easier at 49. Leeth/Lavallee has a much better chance of an AA finish at 49. If Mayes wants to be a team player, he goes 57....IMHO.
  3. 141 has 7 of 8 AA's from last year returning. Manley did very well against that crop and unless Leeth is head and shoulders above him, I don't see anyone but Manley starting if fully healthy. Leeth went 14-4 as a RS at Duke and beat a few NCAA qualifiers then, so he may be as good as everyone thinks he is. Food for thought....what if Mayes went to 157 and Leeth/Lavallee competed for 149? Is Leeth too small for 149?
  4. Just saw that Smith is going to the Mountaineers........but not Sammie's Mountaineers
  5. Good thoughts. One thing that I think we often overlook is bonus points. The reason PSU, tOSU, OSU, etc. are successful and high on the team podium is because of bonus points. Instead of just wanting to win and get out of the match with a win, David Taylor, Jason Nolf, Nico, Retherford, Logan, etc. kept pushing pushing pushing to rack up as many points as possible. I've seen that out of J'Den a few times, but until we can do that consistently up and down the lineup...push hard for the entire 7 minutes and turn decisions into majors, I don't think we'll be able to compete for a top spot
  6. So Dom left WVU and it looks like is back in KC. I read that he's expecting a child in July and I believe is working at a HS (maybe BS?). Anyway...why in the world would Mizzou not bring him back on as an assistant coach?? Having him in the room working with the likes of J'Den, Miklus and the new crop of young heavyweights coming in...seems like a no brainer to me. Plus if Dom wants to continue his wrestling career in freestyle, he's got a great workout partner in J'Den right there. I'm sure even if there isn't room on the Mizzou coaching staff at this time, Dom could find a coaching oppo
  7. I disagree on Eirman, to an extent. There are only 3 returning AA's at 133 (Clark, Richards and Hall who got a 6th year), and potentially 4 if NaTo moves up as people have said. With that said, I still see him as a R12 with potential low AA. Agree Barlow has to AA and we will need points from LaVallee and Wisman. If Manley can do what he did last year without the injury, we're in good shape. Something else that's interesting to think about is, assuming IMart moves up to 165 for sure, Lavion can make the finals at 157. 149 is going to be tough for him to make the finals. There we
  8. I remember the match...in fact I might have it on film somewhere (if my VCR still works). Could be wrong, but I recall Watson dominating him until Steve started putting his hands on his knees from exhaustion. I want to say that Watson led going into the 3rd and that's when Barker turned up the heat. My memory is foggy though...that was 16 years ago (are we getting old or what??). I was actually the 215 starter at Howell the year before (when Steve was a junior and just switched from basketball to wrestling), until I let my grades tank and he took over. I agree that I don't think Barker w
  9. Barker didn't wrestle Goodson in the state finals that year...he wrestled Steve Watson from Howell. What's interesting is that Barker was losing to Watson in the finals his senior year until Watson gassed. Barker came back and put on a takedown clinic to beat Watson 14-8. What's even more interesting is that Watson was a second year wrestler that year, but was a phenomenal athlete and had one of the best blast doubles I've ever seen. Barker was good, but beatable.
  10. I think we're in for a real treat this coming season...
  11. I think it's really very simple. The coach is paid by the university to put together the best team that he can. If that coach chooses to pull a redshirt, it's his call. I understand the frustration if something was discussed prior to committing to that coach and school, but things change and ultimately, it's the coaches call as to what happens with his program. If there was an injury to all Hwt's on the WVU roster, would there have been an argument about pulling Myers redshirt then? Is this a case of disagreeing with the coaches decision or wanting to be in control and keep 4 years of eli
  12. He was a cancer to the team, from what I heard. I remember seeing him at a camp when we were in HS and the guy was just a brutal training partner. Would literally try to embarrass kids in practice and several times I saw him trying to hurt the kids, and laughing about it His own teammates, during training. I also seem to remember an old wrestler from FH seeing this and going with Scott. Scott wasn't able to manhandle him as easily and pretty much got put in his place. Karma's a b*, I guess... Here's an article from Scott's perspective... http://www.thefreelibrary.com/EXILED+WRE
  13. With that said, I hope Austin is as good as you say he is. That will give us a 2016/2017 line up of: 125: Barlow McGhee (RS JR) - 2016 NQ, R16 133: Jaydin Eirman (RS FR) - 22-2 during RS season 133 Alt: Zach Synon (RS SR) - 2x NQ 141: Matt Manley (RS SR) - 2x NQ 141 Alt: Will Roark (RS FR) or Grant Leeth (RS SO) 149: Lavion Mayes (RS SR) - 3x NQ, 2x AA, 7th and 3rd 157: Joe Lavallee (RS SR) - 2x NQ, R16 165: Daniel Lewis (RS SO) - 2016 NCAA 3rd Place 174: Dylan Wisman (RS FR) 184: Willie Miklus (RS JR) - 2x AA 197: J'Den Cox (SR) - 3x AA, 2x NCAA Champ 285: Austin M
  14. You certainly have great insight on a lot of these things and it's great to hear your opinions. That's what a message board is for and we certainly all have opinions about coaching decisions. It's also nice to get some of the background and insight from someone who was "in the know" at WVU for us lay folks. What I do hope, though, is that those opinions stay on this message board. Coach Smith has built a fantastic program and has really bread the TigerStyle mentality into his wrestlers, coaches and fans. We don't have the Scott Barkers and Barry Surber's on the mat or sideline anymore
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