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  1. Congrats Snake!!!. I know you will bring Helias back to glory!!!!!
  2. Helias wrestling honored for greatness “I don’t think you could find a higher honor for the program,” Jeffries said. “The Sports Hall of Fame is so well known and there’s only one other individual honored for wrestling. “For us to be the first program to be honored is very special.” http://www.newstribune.com/news/2013/apr/14/helias-wrestling-honored-greatness/
  3. http://www.newstribune.com/news/2013/apr/07/search-helias-wrestling-coach-should-start-one-nam/#comment_form This would be great!!!! There some other who would make great Coachs but they would need to learn from the best how to run a great program.
  4. Best of luck to Travis in his new gig
  5. It was tough-- Thanks!!!!!
  6. They are staying next year for sure. The GLVC doesn't sponsor wrestling as a conf sport (even thought they have Maryville and U of indianapolis) but truman would only make three. Newman University from Wichita is joing the MIAA for Wrestling Next year http://www.themiaa.com/news/2013/1/21/Wrestling_0121131249.aspx
  7. I can tell you this for sure--Helias will have a state champion wrestler in 2028 My wife and I are having aonther son--he is due in may.
  8. 113 (2) D Linsenbardt has too many matches an can't wrestle again before districts (MSHAA rule) 138 (4) Logan Shea Tore his ACL and had surgery Things are cyclic, we are down now. We have some good JV kids who are not ready for primetime yet. Remember Helias was beating you 3 or 4 years ago. These things go in cycles.When I was in Highschool I think you may have won one match in our dual against you guys. Enjoy it now. You have a great coach, great kids and a lot of resources. Helias will be back, we have some good talent in the youth club, if they all come to Helias we can be on
  9. Also Coach Ensign is bringing in some quality wrestlers to the room. I don't want to speak about who is coming next years but from what I heard a couple of Mo State champs for sure. That coupled with a state champ who redshirsted this year will be a solid core to the middle wts.
  10. Yes those are the current teams-- I have heard rumours that the conf is looking to expand wrestling.
  11. They won't Wrestling is a conf sport for them now (This year is the first year MIAA has ha conf wrestling since 86)
  12. El Dorado Springs El Dorado Springs 371 Based on 371- prob CL 1
  13. Congrats Coach on your retirement, and thank you for your 43 years of service to Helias Highschool students. Not only are you the greates coach ever, you were by far the best teacher I ever had. Thank you for e/t you did for me, my family and every kid the went to Helias. Congrats again !!!!!
  14. AK will be a huge success at anything he does—Congrats
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