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  1. Rich zimmermann

    2019-2020 Changes ?

    Wouldn't they first move up to class 2, after they "earn" enough points to make them move up? Or , is this being back dated to count what has happened the last few years?
  2. Rich zimmermann

    7th Annual Central Missouri Summer Duals

    Are you doing this again this summer? If so, what are the details? Oops, just saw your new post... thanks..
  3. Rich zimmermann

    Seckman tops Lafayette.

    They are cracking down big time on the celebrations this year. We got a penalty point for doing the air guitar this weekend.
  4. Rich zimmermann

    Seckman tops Lafayette.

    Sure looked like it from the matches I saw online.
  5. Rich zimmermann

    High School Previews

  6. Rich zimmermann

    Lindenwood Open Preview

    Sure looks like a bunch of potential great matches.
  7. Rich zimmermann


    They are, if you have a MSHSAA log in.
  8. Rich zimmermann

    Girls Wrestling Support

    Up to 6 now...
  9. Rich zimmermann

    Girls Wrestling Support

    We have 4 out now.... hoping to pick up a few more.
  10. Rich zimmermann

    Girls Wrestling Support

    We didn't get any additional staff.... and that is going to make it rough with adding on 4 more tournaments and girls only districts. But, we also only had 2 girls show up to our first day of practice. Hopefully our numbers go up.
  11. Rich zimmermann

    Football Season

    It usually takes a year for the issues to affect teams, then they make changes.
  12. Rich zimmermann

    Returning Wt Classes

    Isn't Lebanon going to be class 3 ? So, Trevor won't be at 160 on this list.... and I thought Hawks wrestled 182 at Fargo? Also, if the numbers listed in the other thread are correct.. Belton will be class 4.. that have Gamble and Weber both returning state champs at 160 and 170 from last year in 3A.
  13. Rich zimmermann

    Girls wrestling

    As of now, we are not adding another coach... but, depending on how successful this ends up.. we will have to adjust staffing for sure. For the upcoming season we have our final varisty tournament scheduled the same day as girls districts... so... that will be a challenge for sure.
  14. Rich zimmermann

    Illegal Contact

    Exactly.... ours keeps a spreadsheet tracking attendance to zero hour weight lifting....makes summer school weight lifting "mandatory" etc.... one of the main reasons neither of my sons are playing football any more...
  15. Rich zimmermann

    Rules Proposals and Ideas for every increasing

    As a coach myself, I can say that reducing the number of weight classes would not help at all, if anything , it would hurt it more... The biggest issue I deal with is kids these days don't want to put in the work to "earn" a varsity spot. My numbers drop by 25% or so as soon as we do challenges each season and kids really see their options for varsity go away. As a lot of people in this thread have stated, no one wants to be on JV anymore... That, and the weight certification stuff is such a pain in the rear.. its way to complex. I wish they would let kids weigh in twice on the same day for 2 day tournaments like they used to.